Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath Vita – E3 2012 Gameplay Footage

Here is gameplay footage of Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath Vita for the PS Vita straight from the E3 2012 show floor.

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GribbleGrunger2296d ago

a MUST have for me! i loved the oddworld series and this looks fantastic on the Vita

Tired2295d ago

I bought this when it got released on psn, been waiting for the patch for 3D and move b4 I was going to play it...still waiting. Now it's free on ps+. Gutted should have saved my money for the Vita version

GribbleGrunger2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

you haven't really lost anything if you think about it. you'll get it free so just sell the version you have.

edit: @Auron: lol... doh! i forgot about that

Auron2295d ago

you cant sell a psn download...

ginsunuva2295d ago

Does the ps3 version come with a free vita version download?

dgonza402295d ago

EU ps+?

I don't see it for free on the US store

Tired2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Yeah EU...We usually get similar stuff, prob appear in a later rotation for you guys.

MasterCornholio2295d ago

Hey guess what once the Vita gets the PSX update.

1. Oddworld : Strangers Wrath
2. OddWorld : Abes Odyssey
3. Oddworld : Abes Exodus

Are going in my vita. Now thats a killer package.

Sanquine902295d ago

Amen , TBH this shit looks amazing.