Wii U GamePad weighs ‘about one pound’

GameZone writes, "Wii U's tablet controller is surprisingly comfortable and lightweight!"

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PopRocks3592263d ago

I wonder how many people will continue to complain about how heavy and bulky it looks without bothering to hold it in their hands themselves.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2263d ago

A lot of them. The facts don't matter to many people. All of this is OLD News.

2011's E3 had similar reports on how light the WiiU Gamepad was. I think it's even lighter now.

But people are still saying the same thing... and they will keep saying this until the WiiUS drops in 2017.
(WiiUS = fictional name for the Next Nintendo Console after WiiU).

PopRocks3592263d ago

WiiUS, eh? Clever name. Though I reckon people would be crying about that one too.

Anyway, yeah, you're right. If there's anything I've learned from this community, it's that trolls are prevalent and the rest are just delusional.