Watch Dogs: Could it really be next-gen? We make a robot-eyed analysis of the trailer to decide

Ubisoft told us they were giving us a glimpse of the future before showing off Watch Dogs at E3. That future? Almost definitely the company's first showing of its next-gen technology. It was subsequently confirmed by Ubi's president Yves Guillemot in an interview with GTTV that the game will be coming to "PS3, 360, PC and... we'll see".

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TLG19912265d ago

haven't they already said its on ps3 and 360????

PLASTICA-MAN2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

It is a last gen looking game with some next-gen effects. If it is for this gen, then it is EXTREMELY impressive. If it is for the next gen, then it will not be that impressive, it will look like the general random early next-gen multiplatform games. For example this pic (zoom in to look at the details):

The clothes are very good like the wool details, but in some areas it looks blocky even the face, the thumb nail is very detailed but other fingers and nails are low res. The same can be said about all aspects of the game, NPCs doing different stuff but they lack model details, physics are good when plastic bottles move on the road but tree leaves are built-in on the ground (even pixalated), debris and particles are fine but the gas station explosion is the worst thing in the game, even an early game in this gen had a better explosion, the blast here isn't volumetric, it looks almost gif like image. etc etc..

This game has its ups and downs.

We are already saw a sneak peak about next gen graphics with Agni's Philosophy and with the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 and they are 100% representative what next-gen graphics will be. This game can't be comapred to them and the same can be said about Star Wars 1313 (which still uses Unreal Engine 3).

In sum, Watch Dogs:

- Impressive as last gen game: YES
- Impressive as a next gen game: Definately NOT.

So let's say it's a last gen game with some next gen effects and features.

Diver2265d ago

I dont think is even a game. not yet. peeps oughta go back an look at the ubi stage demo. the gamespot feed showed some of the guys controller laid over the action. watch what happens during the shootout scene. what flippin buttons or triggers was that guy using to aim an shoot? these shots are quick but ubi is busted. that demo was a fake.

xboxlj2265d ago

I am pretty sure that it is for a Next Gen system. During E3 they commented several times that it was running on a "highend pc". Typically that Highend pc is the alpha hardware for console development system.
Besides who touts that their game requires an expensive highend pc? I have a feeling that they may release a version for the ps3/360 (maybe even wiiU); however it will be designed for the new systems IMO.

GamingPerson2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

That game will need a high end expensive console next gen. You expect sony and MS to take a loss to much.

claud32265d ago

Awsome looking game and next-generation forsure

Tonester9252265d ago

What makes this Next-Gen? The only thing that I see that this Gen Consoles can't do is the graphics. Everything else is just design and animation and lighting.

AgreeFairy2265d ago

I don't see why people are asking this. Of course it's a next-gen game. It was running on PC and PC is already about 2 gens ahead. It's going to be a current gen game too with it being on the PS3.

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