Wii U To Support Up To 12 User Accounts

"You and your 11 roommates are about to get the best news possible.
The Wii U system will support up to 12 user accounts per device, according to NIntendo Senior Director of Corporate Communications Charlie Scibetta.", writes NintendoWorldReport.

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TheFinalEpisode2260d ago

Damn, I have 13 brothers :(

jjdoyle2260d ago

what about that Duggard family? they gotta buy 2 systems because Nintendo hates big families?

Hisiru2260d ago

Damn... I live in an orphanage. Looks like the WiiU isn't really a good system for us.

Rrobba2260d ago

That's more than enough.

Nintendo has been saying all the right things since their E3 presentation though one wonders why some of these announcements weren't made there?

PopRocks3592260d ago

I reckon since their conference was driven toward the casual crowd and less for the core, they figured it was not important.

ThePsychoGamer2260d ago

Now what would be really cool is if you you make an accounts for different regions, the access the shop of the region the account is tied to and get content from it, then actually being able to play that content.

Break the locks.

MySwordIsHeavenly2260d ago

What do you think this is? The PS3?

jonboi242260d ago

thats cool but whats the purpose of multiple accounts? will there be special achievements or some sort of stat keeping mechanic that will be tied to the account?

shackdaddy2260d ago

If you've ever lived in a house with multiple people, having multiple accounts is very useful. Me and my friends have a total of 8 accounts on our Xbox...

jonboi242260d ago

i'm an only child so I cane see the purpose of having multiple accounts in a big house hold in your case. but the thing with xbox accounts is that a gamerscore and achievements are tied to them. so i was just wondering if wii u accounts will have something similar. i don't believe they announced anything like that yet for wii u.

shackdaddy2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Achievements are actually confirmed. Nintendo hasnt really talked about them much based on what I can see but they are there.

I thought I saw somewhere that they were called coins but I can't confirm that or do a link. I just remember hearing it when they were talking about Nintendoland...

There was also a rumor before E3 that you were given a rank on a bracket based on how many achievements you had or something...

ChickeyCantor2260d ago

Mostly save files are account related.

Ken222260d ago

There's about 18 accounts on my PS3 at my mothers house.

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