PixlBit's Beyond: Two Souls Preview

PixlBit | Going by the old proverb ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, Quantic Dream’s newest title Beyond: Two Souls must be worth a million. After showcasing their impressive “Kara tech demo” back at GDC, it was obvious that Quantic’s next title would be a visual splendor and this game does not disappoint. Using the same sophisticated capture technology as James Cameron’s Avatar, Beyond: Two souls is able to depict the uncanny life like mannerisms of its actors, which is welcomed considering award winning actress Ellen Page will be playing the lead.

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t0mmyb0y2206d ago

Quite excited for this. Dave Cage has never let me down.

izumo_lee2206d ago

Of course people are gonna find something to nitpick & complain about this game. Like oh it will be all QTE's or this is boring etc..

For those kind of people than good we do not need your kind of gamers to enjoy this potential gem. Those who have played Heavy Rain understand the emotion & passion that David Cage & his team will create. Just like with Team Ico, Quantic Dream creates art & these kinds of games do not come around often.

Rampaged Death2206d ago

I've seen leaked footage and it looks like Heavy Rain, Ghost Trick and Second Sight all mixed together. The game looks beautiful and the camera angles are crazy good.