Reggie's favourite Wii U game revealed

Nintendo US boss has told Nintendo fans which Wii U game he is most looking forward to playing

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Shok2298d ago

Seems like PR talk, just trying to sell the game.

josephayal2298d ago

all i need is F-ZERO and StarFox "Personally, I prefer the air''

1nsomniac2298d ago

yea it looks like it could have some good games but for some reason hes chosen the 2 dullest stupid child games as answers.

TheGamingArt2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

LOL, Reggie.... they should seriously have him sell children's toys...

IaMs122298d ago

oh i hate PR talk, its so fake and bugs me to no end. Its nice to see when devs/people talk about something and are truly passionate about it. You can tell this guy certainly is not, although he is good a speaker.

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The story is too old to be commented.