John Carmack predicts a long future for next gen consoles

Despite growing competition from the likes cloud and PC gaming, Id co-founder John Carmack believes that dedicated consoles will still remain very much part of the industry.

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Naanad2261d ago

And the best part is he can blend into a crowd and be virtually anonymous. (I know of him from working at Quakecon and it has always been his speeches about the industry that really gets the masses to the main stage each year.)

Patriots_Pride2260d ago

Well if this gen is anything to go by then yeah expect atleast a 10 year gen.

bahabeast2260d ago

this is why we shud wait til 2015 to launch new consoles and make them as beasty as posible, im willing to pay upper to $600 once its worth it.

KingPin2260d ago

you may be willing to pay up to $600 if the console is worth it, but guess you werent on this site when the ps3 launched at that price.

people here were comparing the ps3 to the xbox 360 which was like half the price <probably the entry level one but still>. they were saying why pay double the price when they will be getting the same multiplat games on both systems. im sure parents who knew nothing about consoles were buying the x360 coz it was cheaper and keep in mind, at launch, multiplat games were running better on x360.

this lead to the ps3 having a poor start. then when sony decided to remove things from the ps3 to make it cheaper, people whined. example <backward compatibility being removed>

bahabeast2260d ago

well me personaly ive noticed that people are really stupid and microsoft showed how they could advance people @ their own rate. ie on the xbox ps3 had frum begining, fb,twitter,youtube all on ps3 frum beginig people complained that its not needed for a game first machine but look @ the xbox now. SMH

StitchJones2260d ago

RAGE stunk on consoles and it's PC version was lackluster at best. You have ruined your catalog, please STFU.

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