Siliconera - DmC Devil May Cry Hands-On: Similar, But Different

Siliconera: "DmC Devil May Cry feels like a rather different affair from the Devil May Cry you’re used to, when you first start playing it. There’s no lock on, no Taunt button (at least in the demo), and (like Marvel vs. Capcom 3) there’s a designated button for launchers. Not that this is a bad thing."

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Lord_Sloth2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

I dislike this.

Yokan2237d ago

Youre out of your mind.

Lord_Sloth2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )


And no I'm not. I'm a fan of Dante's comical attitude and his stylish combat.

I am not a fan of the Teenage "oppressed" thug like attitude of Etnad. I do not like the slower combat, I do not like the "sexual deviant" and the anti government statement this title seems to be going for. I thought that became uncool in the 70s like wearing a Rebel Flag on your clothes outside of Georgia.

Yokan2237d ago

Oh you lol you must think your so [email protected] because you corrected my error. Damn you should be Dante!!! haha.

Lord_Sloth2237d ago

Not particularly. But your inability to counter my point stands.

The_Devil_Hunter2237d ago

Ah what to say about DmC...mmh.
I am HUGE Devil May Cry fan to say the least but when I saw Capcom reveal this reboot, I thought it was garbage, but as the months went by the game started to look decent yet I am unable to make up my mind. Does it look fun to play? Yes. Does it look like Dante? No. Does he act like Dante? A little. Does he fight like Dante? Yes. Does have a sword and two guns? Yes. Despite all this I still feel like they have ruined my beloved franchise. I just dont understand why they had to call this DmC and not entirely a new IP. I love the franchise and I admit it when I say it looks fun to play. But everything would had been better if the it was called. "The Demon Slayer" or something, but why DmC. THeir were so many holes in the story to be filled. Sigh.

fei-hung2237d ago

Im a huge DMC fan too but i have to disagree on many points:

1) no, he doesnt act like Dante. Dante was cool, calm and funny in a cheesy way. This new Dante is like a council estate reject acting ghetto and mouthing off swearing like a chav. He isnt cool or calm or subtle like old Dante.

2) the sword morphs into other weapons... Nothing like the old Dantes sword.

3) He doesnt fight like Dante. Why? DMC was about timed button presses, lock on combos and timed moves along with on the fly weapon changes.

This is more like other Ninja Throry games: mashing buttons. Also as many people have pointed out: no lock on and a lot of air hacking and slashing.

4) platforming, something NT have thrown in for whatever reason and it seems like it will play a big part in the game considering the level shifting and creating platforming sections was the reason NT went from 60 down to 30fps.

Ive also just got hold of DMC HD collection and one thing I can say for sure is, tge combat is no where near as quick as the originals, nor is it as fluid. Hence it diesnt have the timed moves and combos.

It may be named DMC, might even look similar, but like NG3, it wont play tge same. NG3 was dumbed down and made combat easy and flashy just like thus DMC and look how fans reacted. This will be no different.

VileAndVicious2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )


just wanted to point out that your number 3 issue with new DMC is probably slightly incorrect. Im pretty sure you can lock on to enemies, in every video while dante is firing E&I hes locked on to at least one target, also that ability where he pulls in enimies hes locked on to a target....also his attacks using the stinger special move.

So Im pretty sure its just doesnt seem to show a visible target indicator like the old games.

Also at least to me it looks like it plays at about the same speed as DMC2 (maybe slightly faster) which also ran at 30FPS. And as many problems as DMC2 had I wouldnt exactly call it slow. And Im pretty sure this game will be no where near as bad as know that game that no one ever talks about.

The_Devil_Hunter2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Well honestly, I cannot go to what people say anymore just as how I cant rely on reviews anymore as they are often wrong more often than not.
But my point is, that I cannot say this game sucks or if the combat looks slow (even if it does) because I have yet to play, just as the rest of you. I for one cannot say anything until my hand has touched that PS3 remote and played the game for myself. While I have to say Ninja THeorys platforming has always been average in my opinion and useless, so I agree with you in that part. Nevertheless, I want it to be good because it holds the DmC name, yet I dont due to fact Capcom has been treating consumers.

Capcom and other publishers/developers should always know that it is thanks to the fans their games exist and keep getting made. In other words dont bite the hand that feeds you.

The_Devil_Hunter2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )


Unfortunately their isnt any lock on button. has already confirmed this in their hands on demo at E3.

R1 & L1 is to evade.
R2 & L2 is Angel and Demon weapon.
L3+R3 is Devil Trigger.

@ VIleAndVic
Wow I didnt notice that until you mention it why not have one button like Bayonetta did, it doesnt make any sense, maybe R1 is for the right and L2 is for the left?

Yokan2237d ago

Trust me when I say this. Your going to buy this game, eventually you will if you consider yourself a "DMC fan"

VileAndVicious2237d ago


thanks for clearing that up. Lol but why the hell would they assign the same commands to two different button for example: R1 & L1 being evsde or L3 & R3 being devil trigger??
lol sounds kinda funky

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vallencer2237d ago

I bet it will be better than the shit storm that was Ninja Gaiden 3. That was one of my favorite franchises and they destroyed it with 3. I know exactly where you're comming from and the only way you'll know is when it comes out or you get to play it for yourself. But I'm sure it'll be good even if it's not the same game you've played.

fei-hung2236d ago

I will buy the game. By no means am I saying the game is bad or unplayable. However, my loyalty is with the original Devil May Cry so I will purchase this second hand.

Like it was said above, don't bite the hand that feeds you and us gamers feed the hands just as much as the developers and publishers feed us!

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Kratoscar20082237d ago

Im so hyped for this game, I wasnt a Big Fan of DMC even tough i finished DMC in Dante must Die and Devil May Cry 3 in very hard, but i couldnt withstand DMC 4, for some reason it bored me as hell unlike Heavenly Sword wich i almost finish (Bohan kicked my ass every time) and loved it so im glad that Ninja Theory is getting DMC a new direction.

Altough that half angel shit is too stupid, in that i agree, Dante from DMC 1 was awesome but the one from 3 and 4 is too much arrogant for my taste, lets see this new Dante has a more likeable personality.

Tony-Red-Grave2237d ago

The thing with DMC4 is... it's to much like DMC3 just way to much. Dante didn't feel like he was progressing in personality or character. Aside from that you have nero who brings in his own plotholes, and some mad vergil fans. I would touch on the gameplay aspect but i'll save it for whoever wants to pm sometime.

Back on subject. People think the half demon half angel thing is cliche but so is half demon half human, see most animes. One benefit i've seen so far from DmC is that they might just explore things about sparda AND eva which is something they didn't do in the original games.

minor spoiler: in the larva boss demo before she died she told dante that she would tear him from limb to limb just like they did his mother.... that's good stuff

Yokan2237d ago

Well what are your thoughts on the gameplay?

Btw where did you see that gameplay demo.
I think the larva monster is called Poison. The big roach thing right. I think its what is poisioning the drink (green soda) in the game.