theBitFix: ZombiU is the Best Exclusive for Wii U Thus Far

theBitFix writes: So we know it wasn’t the biggest game by Ubisoft to be revealed and thanks to killers like Watch Dogs, AC3, Far Cry 3 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist it has almost slipped by for the hardcore gamers. This is also in part thanks to it being a Wii U exclusive. However, we're going to point out it is for me looking like the best Wii U exclusive.

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Y_51501935d ago

Why am I seeing that Pikmin 3 is being ignored allot? Pikmin 3 was my favorite Wii U title that had been shown!

eagle211935d ago

Don't worry, Pikmin has plenty of fans and definitely got a lot of exposure by Nintendo showing it first. The media tries to get behind any game rated M. ZombiU does seem solid though.

mike1up1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

True, I also thought Pikmin 3 looked great.

I am not too worried though because it's a Miyamoto game, designed from the ground up on WiiU. It cannot lose, and come launch time gamers will be "kissing the ring".

cpayne931935d ago

That was my favorite game of the whole conference. I've been waiting for that game to come out on the wii for years, I always adored the pikmin games one the cube.

Y_51501935d ago

A few years back I thought it was going to come out for the Wii as well. This wait is worth it, Pikmin 3 seems like it's going to work well with the capabilities of Wii U!

mike1up1935d ago

ZombiU was a complete surprise, and it looks great. The Survival Horror genre is always interesting. Imo Rayman Legends is the best WiiU exclusive for now, however, I would be a fool to doubt ZombiU's potential.

All Nintendo fans really need to show Ubisoft some form of support this holiday. They have given us ZombiU, Rayman Legends, AC3 and more... show 'em some serious love.

WeskerChildReborned1935d ago

I love how it actually really is Survival Horror cause you only get one life which just make's it more of a survival experience kinda like DayZ, i'm hoping you have to make certain choices in ZombiU that will affect the story.

ChickeyCantor1935d ago

And and and and, when you start a new character you have to kill your old one ( who is a zombie by then ) and loath all your stuff back.

Timmer1935d ago

Not to mention that Ubi never counted out Watch_Dogs on the WiiU. Which...I don't know...could be awesome.

Hufandpuf1935d ago

Most ambitious, yes. But it must be really annoying looking up at the screen and then down at the controller so often. I want to play the game, not strain my neck.

shackdaddy1935d ago

It's supposed to leave you feeling on edge since the game doesn't pause when you're looking down...

Ricdog1935d ago

I think its meant to be like that, to give you the feeling of having to look down to look at your inventory/backpack.

In the trailer it showed this. When the character looked down at his backpack to look at his supplies, so will you as the player. It's meant to be realistic in the since that you have to look down to get pick your weapon, like you normally would.

Honest_gamer1935d ago

this, Pikmin 3, last of us and beyond were the best games showen by far, Pikmin 3 looks ALLOT like little kings story (gameplay wise)

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