theBitFix: E3 killed our hopes for PSVita

theBitFix writes: E3 was Sony's shot to reinvigorate the PSVita crowd and quite frankly they blew it.

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LOGICWINS2230d ago

And how many of those games are system sellers? Who do you know is dying to spend $250 to play Foosball and When Vikings Attack?

Ron_Danger2230d ago

How many game journalists were dying to get a free Usher concert??

turnerdc2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

@Ron_Danger Dance Central is pretty much the defining franchise for Kinect and has helped it sell quite a bit...although not to the core gamer crowd but it's impact is still significant.

GribbleGrunger2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

yeah, and that's not NEARLY all of them. people need to stop allowing the media to brainwash them and actually take a reality check.

edit: @Logicwins. so NOW we have to have system sellers to prove the Vita has plenty of games? perhaps when it DOES have system sellers people will argue that they're not games they like personally. people are just jumping on the anti Vita bandwagon. and you can't pick 2 games to prove that people won't buy a system for them when there's dozens and dozens of different games for different people

LOGICWINS2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

My calculator has 250 different games on it. The point is, just because a platform has plenty if games doesn't mean that people want to play them. Out of the 3DS, PS3, 360, PC, Wii U, and Vita, Vita currently has the worst gaming lineup at E3. Thats clearly an issue.

This isn't about jumping on any anti Vita bandwagon..this is about having EYES and not being delusional. Even Sony admitted that they didn't do a good job presenting Vita at their conference.

smashcrashbash2230d ago

30 new VITA games on the show floor not to mention PS1 support.Plus the games they talked about even BEFORE the conference.Ignore the ignorant gaming community They don't listen or read. They just jump to conclusions. Because they didn't announce all the games they have coming for the VITA on stage that means they automatically don't exist. *rolls eyes*.

DivineAssault 2230d ago

well said.. it wouldve been nice to make some time on stage but that doesnt mean they werent there.. Soul Sacrifice being localized is all i needed to know to stay happy this year but i got at least 10 more games to look forward to on it after they were shown on the floor..

Sikct9a2230d ago

Give us Monster Hunter already!

VINNIEPAZ2230d ago

I know right? That alone will push a lot of systems, too bad it gets little love.

SuperSandLegend2230d ago

This. It would feel so solid on the vita.

gamingisnotacrime2230d ago

just like the PS3 early months, mediocre web sites look for hits with easy flame bait

negroguy2230d ago

They could have easily cut about 5 minutes off of that wonderbook and at least showed the montage they posted on YouTube today of Vita games. Personally im getting one when FFX remake hits but others might not have seen a game they're interested in since all the games were on the show floor.

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The story is too old to be commented.