Rockstar Logo Spotted In Meeting Room 5 At E3; We will have a 2nd Trailer for GTA V?

There is another pic floating around online. This time it shows meeting room 5 at E3, and as you will see, there is a Rockstargames Logo. Rockstar are not attending E3, yet why is their logo on the wall? Will this be a private meeting place?

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roadkillers2085d ago

Probably has all of Take-Two's companies. If you look before the T2 logo there is half of another logo, it looks like the 2k logo. I'm not expecting anything big.

Double_Oh_Snap2084d ago

I wish, but this probably will have nothing to do with GTA V.

jon12342084d ago

i saw a guy riding a fagio on the street, its gotta have something to do with gta 5!!

guitarded772084d ago

^ Comment of the day... you win bubbles!!!

ThichQuangDuck2084d ago

How much do you think it is to fill up a fagio if we add the numbers together we will surely get the release date. Rockstar always hiding Easter eggs in reality.

Ares902084d ago

I turned my tv on, tune on Spike and they were airing police car chases. Definitely, a sign for GTA 5

Plagasx2084d ago


People are looking in to this way too hard now...

Just wait for official announcements from Rockstar.

steve30x2083d ago

I agree. Anything thats even 1,000,000th related to GTA V is news now. Its getting stupid.

nik666uk2084d ago

All this GTAV stuff is beyond dull now!! It'll be out when it's finished, when Rockstar themselves announce something then I'll get hyped!! Even when they do announce a release date they'll delay it by 6 months like they always do so GTAVs release is a fair way off yet

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The story is too old to be commented.