IGN Live: Watch Dogs Demo - E3 2012

"An in-depth look at perhaps E3 2012's biggest surprise game!"

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negroguy2115d ago

Didn't know anything about this game, but it looks damn good. Will probably get this one on PC.

joab7772115d ago

I am thinking this has to b next Gen. The scope is unbelievable if it comes off like they are portraying. This is also very promising. It is good looking but imagine a city in which all those ppl have stories and can be hacked. Maybe this could b made now, but in an open world setting? I'd hate the gap between PC and consoles to b huge so I am hoping its a launch title next November.

RXL2115d ago

this was running on a high end pc..

WeskerChildReborned2115d ago

Yea i was thinking the same thing watching the demo when you could see reflections off the wet floor and stuff like that.

Premonition2115d ago

Just confirmed today it will be on PC PS3 and Xbox360 and possibly Wii U, but for now its for all 3 systems

joab7772111d ago

Yeah, that is definitely next Gen. I know these are running on PC just like unreal engine 4 but there r plenty of games to close out this Gen. Please do not try and put these games on this Gen with a huge difference between PC and console. Even on PC, u would have to run high settings to get the best benefit. Just wait and launch with them.

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LastDance2115d ago

The city they show in this game is what I expect from next gen consoles years ago and in particular GTA4.

Living breathing city life as oppose to GTA4.

Christopher2115d ago

You are getting fooled by some clever scripting in closed cinematic sequences.

LastDance2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

The thought crossed my mind, and you may be correct about certain sequences however I am not talking about any particular moment that looked/was scripted.

At the beginning, walking through the street - it was living and breathing. So you're point doesn't detract from my statement as i am not talking about any part of any 'event' or 'sequence'.

If you strip away the art exhibition within the street at the beginning - take note of the bystanders. Light years ahead of any open-world game.

It reminded me of Heavy Rains work but it's not linear like HR.

acemonkey2115d ago

in the interview he saids ps3 and xbox 360...and if its right other next gens....i believe thats what he said so we see

josephayal2115d ago

Obviously, this was run on a XBOX 360, The demo was played on stage using an Xbox 360 controller

MysticStrummer2115d ago

Put down the Kool-Aid and back away slowly. The people in white coats will be here to help you. Try to stay calm... *shoots tranq dart*

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