E3 2012: Wii U's Statement of Intent

2012 marks the release of Nintendo's next home console in the form of Wii U, so E3 2012 naturally became the console's first big proving ground. The conference however failed to show us exactly what the Wii U can do, and while the quality of the games shown was clear, many were left wanting more from the system. But despite all this, the conference indicated a clear statement of intent from Nintendo regarding how the Wii U will move forwards, a statement that looks set to help them once again dominate the gaming market.

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2295d ago
AtomicGerbil2295d ago

I can easily see Nintendo struggling to dominate this time around.

Firstly the casuals are going to look at what's on offer, be it Nintendo land, Mario or Luigi and get no sense of change or improvement except for a tablet controller. If Microsoft market SmartGlass well enough then the whole tablet controller will not be as effective a selling point that Nintendo want.

The serious gamer is going to be cautious, especially with Sony and Microsoft making noises about their next consoles. As it stands Nintendo have very little chance of snatching the core userbase from those two with the little they have shown so far.

Their press conference was a damp squib when it should have been a full on explosion of graphics, physics, specs, online features and apps. Not the way to showcase a new product six months before release. The cutesy Nintendo games are not my bag, but I watched their conference, I was willing to give them my time to see if they could sell it to me. Unfortunately now I'm less interested which reinforces my point.