Sony’s Stock Rises After E3 Conference

Just before Sony’s E3 press conference, Sony’s stock plummeted to below 1,000 yen ($12.79) for the first time since 1984. So how are things now that the conference is over? - PSLS

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yesmynameissumo1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

So did mine! Wait...stock? Oops, my bad.

Snookies121932d ago

Whoa! *turns around* I must be in the wrong part of the internet.

Wenis1932d ago

If there was anything satisfying enough about E3 this year to give you a hard on, you should probably re-evaulate your life

ChiVoLok01932d ago

Stop being a wenis he was just joking and besides if the booth-babes didn't at least get blood circulating down there then you need to get that checked out by a doctor.

M83_1932d ago


I probably should get my ass to the doctor so! :O

Oh fuck it, that's right! I'm gay! ;P

Snookies121932d ago

@M83_ - Lol! I need to go to the doctor as well... Though not because I'm gay, I just don't care for chicks that look like that. :\

I like "real" girls. Models and actresses don't do much for me.

pixelsword1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

@ wenis:

The irony is overwhelming.

At any rate, I barfed a little.

Army_of_Darkness1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Couldn't image how I would be seeing the booth babes:-D

@snookies... So you like those emo, insecure, ugly chicks?! Hhahaha!

Joe29111931d ago

Actresses and Models are real as well. Just because you can't get one doesn't make them not real.

On topic: Woo stock... like gamers give a shit.

Wintersun6161931d ago


As someone who has enjoyed 3 generations of gaming with Sony as the center piece for me, I do care and am happy about it. Sony's financial situation hasn't been ideal lately so of course I care.

LoVeRSaMa1931d ago


There seems to be lots of Gays who like video games (myself included ;D)

M83_1931d ago

I have to laugh at all the disagrees I got because I'm gay!
It seems too easy to intimidate these little boys that call themselves 'men'

Snookies121931d ago

@Joe2911 - Lol! Nah, seriously if one asked me out, I would turn them down.

@M83_ - Eh, what are ya gonna do? There are idiots out there who inherently think being gay is a bad thing.

M83_1931d ago

@ snookies12 I told you what I'm going to do, laught at them. It doesn't bother me in the slightest what they think. If anything I like getting the stupid fuckers angry;)

dead_eye1931d ago

So what I'm getting from the comments is that it might be a good time to set up a company that hires out booth boys or hut hunks or some variation of that to please the gay gamers out there.

The best looking girls for me are pale with little to know make up. But I would not turn a booth babe down.

Hisiru1931d ago

I know what youre feeling. I like "common" girls because models and actress looks so artifical.

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BlmThug1932d ago

Hmmm you get aroused very easily then :P This year was lackluster at best with Ubi having the best show of the Keynotes

kikizoo1931d ago

They will always find a way to spin the sony's victory(s) :)

final fantasy multi, natal, 3DS, ubisoft, etc etc etc

Nimblest-Assassin1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Even though we hated it.... wonderbook is the reason their stocks went up.

I mean think about it... a partnership with Jk rowling, the richest author out their with a huge, ravenous fanbase?

Hell yes people would invest in that.

We will never touch it... but children and Pott-er Heads will eat it up, and sales make investors happy

I even did an experiment at my school... hardcore gamers laughed out loud, cringed and facepalmed at the same time at the wonderbook, but Potter fans were flipping sh*t.. saying video games are finally useful

-_- Whatever

Blastoise1931d ago

I love harry potter and i thought that game

dead_eye1931d ago

@Blastoise How old are you? (this isn't me been a dick)

Nimblest-Assassin is right about that partnership. But it is aimed at the youngest Harry Potter fans. Anyone over 12-13 probably won't be interested.

Playstation plus will help a bit too i think

Blastoise1931d ago

Im 19 and I like harry potter, animal crossing AND Pokemon. Haters gonna hate.

Nimblest-Assassin1931d ago

@Blastoise and dead_eye

Im 18 and just graduated from high school... mostly girls love the wonderbook in my age group due to the "exclusive reading content"

Not the actual book of spells... they think its "cool"

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AznGaara1932d ago

Don't worry. we get a virtual Ellen Page next year. The wait is gonna suck but we must endure!

Veneno1931d ago

My girlfriend flipped shit when she realized that was ellen page,or more precisely, Juno, in the Beyond 2 Souls video lol. She loves her.

solar1932d ago

So pretty much the same as most companies after announcements. The bigger story is why/how Sony has fallien below 1980's level and what are they gonna do to fix it. It's a sad story for a hardware dev that has a special place in my gaming memory.

DeadlyFire1931d ago

Because they didn't announce a new console. That is what inverters were thinking they were going to do. At least I know the right time to get stock. E3 2013!!!

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vortis1932d ago

What exactly made the stock skyrocket? The Book of Spells?

Dante1121932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Probably the games that they showed off (The Last of Us and Beyond).

Edit: I like how units and shinto reported this article but never reported the article about how Sony's stock fell. In fact, they were the first to approve.

biosonico1932d ago

I think ithe Wonderbook thing had a lot to do with it. It's gonna be big business

rdgneoz31932d ago

It might not be the best thing ever, but if they get a bunch of well known authors like JK to make stories / games for them, that's gonna tap into a huge fan base of readers for sales.

I_am_Batman1931d ago

When I saw it I instantly thought: That's gonna be a flop. I can't talk for everybody else but I'm not interessted in Wonderbook at all.

So maybe it will sell good even if it's hard to believe for me.

dead_eye1931d ago

Get Stephen King involved and I'll buy one straight away.

BabyTownFrolics1931d ago

this is one of those n4g bias things, if ms had come up with for kinect it would be panned but sony did it so it must be the reason the stock went up and it must be the future of literature. we all the demo on stage and we all wanted it to be over, if you support this then you should not be putting down kinect, this is just gimmicky sh*t and you know it.

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KingME1932d ago

Hmmm, the entire market was up today, did Sony's E3 briefing cause that also?

Silly gameAr1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

No, but since there where 3 or 4 articles writing about Sony's stock prices falling, why not write about it when it rises?

In fact, why should articles like this be on a gaming website anyway?

SixZeroFour1932d ago

@Silly - well obviously fanboys have stocks in their preferred company of choice, otherwise what logical reason would there be to side with a particular company over another rather than be happy with all gaming in general

sikbeta1932d ago

Uh... clearly was Wonderbook lol

Patriots_Pride1932d ago

I will use my wonder book while I call wonder woman and ask her if she wants some wonder bread.

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doctorstrange1932d ago

Wonderbook may be dull, but J.K. Rowling's name is gonna make it sell like crazy.

MrDead1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

It should shift a lot of consoles, I think they said it will be out in time for Christmas too.

Looking forward to see what else they do with it, The Hobbit is out this year and I can see the book working very well with a tie-in

Motorola1932d ago

If they market Wonderbook right, it could sell millions

doctorstrange1932d ago

That's my worry though, marketing has never been SCE's strong point.

BitbyDeath1932d ago

@doctorstrange, i've noticed they usually market the casual stuff better than the core stuff.
At least down here in Oz anyways.

Maybe they just expect most people to already know about the core stuff...

TekoIie1931d ago


Chances are Rowling herself will contribute to funding the marketing. Im sure she doesnt want something to flop with her name attached.

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VsAssassin1932d ago

The Wonderbook is a nice addition to the Playstation Peripherals Library. It makes Sony a diverse company in the gaming/entertainment division.

The Wonderbook may not be for adults, but parents and kids can take full advantage of this for family quality time.

andibandit1932d ago


what marketing?

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GamerSciz1932d ago

According to CNBC its up 3.18% today to 13.62 at the market close.

I invested in Sony back around 2006 with the launch of PS3. Stupid market crash but I see it one day coming back up. Hopefully...

doctorstrange1932d ago

Good luck, although yeah, that was a bad time to invest in retrospect.

remanutd551932d ago

hey gamer how did you invested? can anybody invest in the company?

vortis1932d ago


yes, anyone can invest in the company but you need a lot of money (well, not a whole lot if you invest in Sony or THQ, lol)

Since their stock is 13.62 per share that means that if you wanted to buy like 100 shares (which is like a really low amount of shares) that would be $1,362 worth of real money investments.

GamerSciz1932d ago

Yea bad time to invest for me alright. I bought 50 shares when it was at $44....oh well. That's the stock market for ya.