[SEGAbits] E3 2012: Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer Hands On, Part 1

SEGAbits: "SEGA and Gearbox have been very hesitant about showing off their new Aliens game to the public. Announced in 2006, the game’s last E3 appearance consisted of a live, demo unplayable on the show floor, and the game’s appearance at PAX was similarly limited to an unplayable demo followed by an interactive multiplayer."

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dubal-e2234d ago

I'm really liking that. If its pushing the Xbox to its limits then the Wii U version should be on Par with the PC one.

bothebo2234d ago

Not sure about that. Do you really think the Wii U has high-end PC graphics? Or is it just a crappy port?

dubal-e2233d ago

If you actually read the articles like I do. Gearbox said themselves that the Wii U version will have better graphics and be the definitive version. Look it up the article was on N4G.