Wii U games run in 720p

WiiU Daily writes: "While the Wii U technically supports 1080p resolution, current Wii U games only run in 720p, Wii U Daily can confirm. Yesterday, Nintendo released screenshots of New Super Mario Bros U, which were in the native resolution of 720p. So were the screenshots of ZombiU and Project P-100. We initially thought that those were simply the 720p versions of the game and that 1080p would be available. But as it turns out, all of Nintendo’s upcoming first party Wii U titles will be in 720p."

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LOL_WUT2232d ago

"All of Nintendo’s first party titles and some of the third party ones like Zombi U will all run at 720p"

What a letdown so much for 1080p.

legend9112232d ago

One, rumor. Two, I think it will load up in 1080p if you select it in the options. Come on... think about it. I think if the game supports it, it is automatically 1080p, but does not display as such. If you do select 1080p for the output, then it won't mess with much, and just let the 1080p pass.

PirateThom2232d ago

One, a Nintendo representative at E3. Two, the current gen consoles can upscale to 1080p, hardly impressve... hell, the 360 will display every game in 1080p due to the dedicated hardware.

Upscaled 1080p is not the same as native 1080p.

Awesome_Gamer2231d ago

I think i will wait for PS4 to upgrade to REAL next-gen then..

blackbeld2231d ago

Doesn't matter! ZombiU looks great. Gameplay is awesome!

I buy it day one and also PS4 of course.

darthv722232d ago

its better than the current 480p of the wii. I wish nintendo would confirm if wii games would scale to at least 720p.

Is that really to much to ask, nintendo???

BubloZX2232d ago

Wii games look like poo in HD. Get dolphin and run it and see.

stuntman_mike2232d ago

They said that wii games wont run in hd on wii u, same goes for wiiware stuff. Which is dissapointing.

Amazingmrbrock2231d ago

Why would they not have their games upscale.

Emulators do it soo much better than the ones companies put on their consoles. There's really no reason that the wii u shouldn't be able to upscale the base resolution to hd settings if it's even as powerful as a mid ranged computer.

Their always lazy with their backwards compatibility. Look at the poor quality of the sega classics, their bloody sega games and they don't upscale them or render any improvements at all. Same with psone games on any sony system.

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shackdaddy2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Hmmm. Where have I heard this before? Oh ya:

Last two paragraphs:

"Other developers are taking a "work with what you've got" approach. Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot doesn't see much of a difference from the situation with the Xbox 360. "We won't be able to take advantage of all the components of the machine, but it was the same last year," he told Bloomberg.

Even with development well under way, the machine's complexities could result in the launch titles showing off only a portion of what the machine can do. According to Bloomberg, Activision's CEO Bobby Kotick believes that the first generation of PS3 games will use only about one-fifth of the Cell processor's potential."

You all should really quit jumping to conclusions. Exact same thing happens for all gens. The starting games never show the console's potential. PS3 fans should especially be more sensitive to the situation given the crap they've had to put up with during the start of this gen...

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2231d ago

Shackdaddy dropping the knowledge!

Haters are way too busy HATING to learn the truth. They want WiiU to be weak so everything that is negative is true.. sad.
And SMH...


Amazingmrbrock2231d ago

Well the rumored specs are no where near as different from general pc architecture than the cell was. The wiiu doesn't get a pass on those grounds. Also since it'll technically be an eigth gen console it only doing 720 is kinda silly.

WeskerChildReborned2232d ago

Too bad, if it actually ran in 1080p without it having to upscale would be great.

GraveLord2232d ago

Just like Ps3 and 360 games.

yes, it can be 1080p, upscaled.

black9112232d ago

I doubt if next gen ps4 and xbox will be any differnt. Developers are lazy. I say this because of all the Crappy ports the ps3 has gotten this gen. Most recently skyrim. When I see PS3 games like beyond and the last of us. I just sit back think of games like bayonetta.

Lazy_Sunday2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Current gen games run at 1080p at 60FPS on the latest midrange GPUs on the market ($200-300). Don't expect a huge jump for a console that's going to cost the same.

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tunaks12232d ago

Launch games always will be underwhelming visually compared to games later down the road.

ProjectVulcan2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Is it not more about if they are underwhelming versus direct competitors near the end of their life cycles though?

Nintendo need to sell this thing as a new machine. I always said if it can't beat 360 and PS3 day one visually, then people aren't exactly going to buy it for all those ports that look the same as on a machine they bought years ago.

I am still unsure exactly who the audience is for this thing yet. Because if it costs more than 360 and PS3, it won't be for casuals and family, and if it isn't really faster than 360 and PS3 and the games aren't an advancement, then it isn't for core gamers either.

So who is gonna be buying it????

iNFAMOUZ12232d ago

you categorize people as casual n hardcore, thats wrong, everyones different, we are totally different human beings, lots of people who are "just people" will buy it because they just will its fun, marios fun.

sick of us humans being put into categories like some sort of book shelf, fuc*s sakes! we are different!

ProjectVulcan2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

It was a generalisation which was necessary. I also only named a couple of groups of people, and didn't claim that was a comprehensive list and the only types of customer that exist....

I just don't really know who exactly this thing is aimed at beyond Nintendo fans. I am looking for anyone to suggest and answer my question? Merely wondering what exactly the market will be for a console with a lot of late ports if they look no better than they did on cheaper machines months prior.

Or whether you are confident this thing will sell initially to people who bought the original Wii for their family or even because it was cheap if it costs more than 360 or PS3. These were serious motivating reasons to buy the original Wii in many people so don't deny it, and legit questions as to who they are gonna try to pitch this thing to.

Really who would YOU market it to? Because i genuinely wonder.

Nintendo fans, of course. But beyond that i question its broader base appeal and especially its appeal to existing 360 and PS3 owners, whether you want to define a specific few of them with a few general words or not.

Saying everybody is different doesn't answer my question, isn't very useful and isn't any more accurate than my statements above.

stuntman_mike2232d ago

I think that's the problem that was evident at the conference "who are they aiming it for?"
I don't think even nintendo knows, they say they wanted to market to the casuals and the core but ended up doing neither.

I honestly don't think nintendos ready to launch the wii u yet.

Canas20102231d ago

You really can't have an answer to your question yet.

"I am still unsure exactly who the audience is for this thing yet. Because if it costs more than 360 and PS3, it won't be for casuals and family, and if it isn't really faster than 360 and PS3 and the games aren't an advancement, then it isn't for core gamers either. "

No price point or full specs on it yet. The Wii has awful graphics but is still dominating because they came up with a new way to play back then like they are doing now. It will probably be aimed at everyone until the True Next Gen systems come out.

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units2232d ago

A lot of PS3 and 360 launch games were 720P, so how exactly is this ground braking?

DeletedAcc2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Its 2012 and its a next gen console... 1080p has to be standard!

xCaptainAmazing2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

I agree. However, I don't think they're able to leverage the hardware enough, especially since they haven't had a lot of time to develop these games.

With the game rendering on two screens as well, it's no surprise to see these not running in 1080p. Hopefully it's a hurdle that they will overcome sooner than later.

Logically, even assuming the console contains a straight off the shelf GPU from the R700 line (which is almost certainly not the case, they've said it's custom), that would still easily be able to do native 1080p for 95% of today's games.

It's not the first we've heard of rendering to the TV and controller at the same time being a hurdle. Hopefully they accounted for this and the next wave or two of games is in form. Otherwise, I don't really care that much... but wtf.

darthv722232d ago

then again there may be a method to their madness. Perhaps 720p is easier for the game to run on the gamepad.

Meaning that if the controller is the centerpiece then they would likely want to ensure the quality of the title running on it is as good as what is on the tv.

Could this confirm that the gamepad is 720p naitive?????

ChickeyCantor2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Those launch games looked like revamped PS2 games.
Of course they will run at 720p.

The question is will it run on 720p with all sorts of techniques and still maintain a stable 60 ~ 30 framerate?

meganick2231d ago

You might want to take another look at those Pikmin 3 screenshots because they look much better than "revamped PS2 games."

silkrevolver2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Wii U LAUNCH GAMES, Y U NO 1080p?!
THIS 2012!

FlareDReborn2232d ago

This is the Wii U we're talking about.

PirateThom2232d ago

"The show floor worker did mention that some games, like Pikmin 3, are running at 60 frames per second."

So, only some games are 60fps...

Interesting... and by interesting I mean, welcome to the current gen.

ninjahunter2232d ago

60 fps will never be the standard, at least not for many many many years. Graphics are an important selling point and often 30fps is good enough, the amount of graphics you can get out of 30 fps instead of 60 is bewildering. Honestly, most people are going to just on a good looking 30fps game rather than a bad looking game that runs at 60.

Knushwood Butt2232d ago

Plus, the system only supports up to 2 gamepads. And most games will only support the use of 1.

If using two, you are limited to 30fps max.