Persona 4: Golden Will Have New English Voices For Teddie And Chie, Too

Siliconera: "As you may have heard by now, Teddie and Chie will have new English voices in Persona 4: Arena, as indicated by a recent video of the game. At E3, I had the chance to speak with Atlus USA’s Aram Jabbari about both of the company’s upcoming Persona 4 titles—Persona 4: Golden and Persona 4: Arena—and Jabbari confirmed to me that Arena’s new Teddie and Chie voice-overs will carry over into Golden as well."

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Snookies122234d ago

Whaaaa? Different voice actors for them? That kinda sucks... Maybe Teddie's slightly less, but Chie was always talking so her voice is like implanted into my brain. Hearing a different one will be jarring. :\

Yi-Long2234d ago

... it's 2012 for god's sake...(!)

Snookies122234d ago

Eh, Japanese voices are pretty good from what I've heard of them. However just be happy the English ones are as good as they are... They could be terrible, then I could see a reason to complain. Honestly the English voice actors in Persona 4 are pretty dang good for the most part. (Though it is a little odd hearing an English voice saying Japanese names and suffixes.) Hearing "chan, kun, san, etc." is quite odd when in English haha.