Why Blizzard’s surrogate ruins Diablo 3

By all accounts, Diablo 3′s narrative is bad. It’s a hammy tale told in a boring world. But the story is made only worse by Leah, who acts as a stand-in for the game's developers.

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kevnb2265d ago

alot of people like the story.

dev_null2265d ago

A lot of people like Justin Bieber's music.
That doesn't make it any good.

kevnb2265d ago

if it makes people happy then why criticize it? I hate it too, and wish more music would get exposure but if millions of people enjoy it harmlessly who am I to ruin it for them?

brish2264d ago


Any justification of Justin Bieber's music is just sick! ;-)

I'm joking.

Seriously, the problem is people have limited funds to spend on entertainment. Every dollar spent on Justin music means there is less money being spent on other artists.

To many people the quality of music matters. Seeing artists with talent struggling when Bieber succeeds is disheartening.

hilyou2265d ago

I don't think most people bought this for the story. More likely for it's gameplay and fun. I haven't played, but from what I heard from my friend is only how much fun it is, the gameplay and the loot.

LittleBigSackboyPS32265d ago

Most "gamers" these days usually don't buy games for the the story.

VsAssassin2265d ago

The article is correct; Diablo 3's narrative falls short when compared to Diablo 2. The story is also very, and i say it again, very predictable. It's painfully predictable that you'd beg the story to deviate from its course somehow. The Stranger, Adria, Leah, they're all so predictable.

If you're still playing in Act 2 or 3 of Diablo 3, and you've read the last part of the paragraph above, and you feel like you know what I'm talking about, then chances are you're probably right about the three of them.