ZombiU’s multiplayer plays to the Wii U’s strengths (GamesBeat preview)

GamesBeat's Rus McLaughlin: "Want a zombie horde at your fingertips? You've got it. Nintendo just took the lid off the multiplayer mode for Ubisoft's third person zompocalypse shooter ZombiU, and like that console's best offerings, it plays to the Wii U's major strength."

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roblef2018d ago

I want a zombie horde at my fingertips!!!

idontgetit2018d ago

This actually sounds pretty cool!

SybaRat2018d ago

This, and Pikmin are like the only interesting Wii U games.

JeffGrubb2018d ago

It doesn't look interesting, but I'm hearing good things about Project P-100.

roblef2018d ago

Zombies are played out.

acronkyoung2018d ago

Seems cool. If I happen to get a Wii U I'd definitely pick it up.