ZombiU - E3 2012: Designer Walkthrough (Cam)

GameTrailers writes:

"We check out the tablet integration, online features, and story elements for ZombiU."

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chukamachine2265d ago

Looks good, but expected more graphically.

shackdaddy2265d ago

It's just cus it's a new console. Compare the first games on PS3 with TLOU. I'm sure when people see the first PS4/X720 everyone will be like "WTF is this"...

OT, I hope more survival horror games come out like this. I love the use of the controller.

Sandmano2265d ago

I think hes comparing it to ps3 and 360 launch titles that look better than this.

browngamer412265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Being released almost exactly a full year after launching is not exactly a "launch title"...and it's a matter of opinion as to if Gears looks better or not.
Edit: darn it..meant to reply to my own comment..

N62264d ago

Do you remember the garbage named "Gun" on 360?

There is no need for Nintendo to come out with peak graphics at launch. They are not competing against consoles that are on fumes like PS360 (yes, I realize they sell better than Wii now, but still..sales have slowed to a crawl). JUST LIKE, the 3DS was not competing against PSP. Wii U versions are superior by DEFAULT over the old consoles, also many folks are ready for new hardware and gameplay style regardless. Of course they won't get 120+ million from PS360 camp to jump to Wii U, but if they can pull 5 mil of those exclusive hardcore, + their own 5 mil Nintendo fans, + 5 mil casual Wii Fit junkies...then BOOM, 15 mil first year before their competition comes out, and THEN they can start pushing their games graphically. Just like how Madden strips away features when they launch on new consoles, Wii U will ascend graphically, so no need to peak now. But there is no doubt, that it DESTROYS PS360 graphically, CPU, GPU & Ram, NO QUESTION.

Sandmano2265d ago

All I know is that the first gears looks better than this...

beerkeg2264d ago

I'm playing through Gears 2 for the first time, having picked up a cheap 360, and Gears 2 looks worse than this.

I'm not sure what you're smoking, but I wouldn't mind some of it.

yabhero2264d ago

It's an early build, pre alpha I think

Sandmano2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Never thought I would have to input my age on a Nintendo video. Anyway that controller is too freaking huge and this game does not look like anything special t looks good but not good enough to get me to buy the WiiU. Ill wit for the Unreal engine 4 demo to see true next gen...

P.S That women commentator sounds like a robot!

yabhero2264d ago

WiiU is true next gen , just wait

RedSoakedSponge2264d ago

i personally think this game looks incredible! yeah the graphics arent "next gen" BUT the gameplay imo is! i love the whole idea of this game and ill probably have to put my trust in nintendo again.

Adolph Fitler2264d ago

Sanmano & others, I think you are dead right (pun intended)....I also think the Dust 514 gameplay footage makes this look ordinary. I am no fanboy, as I love any game, on any console that is legitimately great IN MY EYES.....
But fact is, the game simply looks NOWHERE near a next gen title graphically, gameplay wise/inavasion wise, I mean the damn use of the Wii-U controller is exactly ALL it can be used for.."please look down at your controller", I mean comon, really. 99% of Wii-U games ARE gonna have me looking away from the very thing that immerses me in a game to look at a glorified gameboy screen.

The moment Nintendo showed this joke of a controller, I just thought it was an even worse gimmick than the motion controllers for Wii.
If gamers fall for this one again, & kids scream to clueless soccer mums for the latest Wii-U with the "unbelievable" controller, only for them to scream at them 6-8mths later for the "unbelievably" powerful & "better than that Wii-U crap I didn't even want", then this is what will drive & give Nintendo that false sense of winning a console war gen. when in fact, although they sold the most, Sony lost the most money.....Nintnedo still lost masses of money relative to there size, that outweighed Sony's losses & have caused massive concern for there future...So it is fact due to Nintendo's latest losses (which I can't be bothered looking up), are a drop in the ocean compared to Xbox 1's 3billion $ + losses, I believe similiar to worse for Sony now with there PS3 financial woes......but, thing is, Sony & MS can suffer losses like this far easier than Ninty. Ninty is now in a spot of bother with record (maybe there only) losses, & it is widely believed if Wii-U gives them any similar type financial woes by not selling well enough, or the like, .......then it could be bye bye Ninty for console manufacturing & hello for making PS4 & 720 Mario's, Zelda's, Metroids's, etc, etc.

Now long story coming to end......with what Nintendo are offering with Wii-U, I would not be surprised with there demise. I mean, seriously, what are they a 37yr young gamer, I am open to adopting new ideas & innovations, if they float my boat.....but giving us a console thats "BIG" whoah factor selling feature is something that is seems they could have added to Wii with DS or 3DS.

Fact is, Wii-U better have some seriously better power than this under the hood, as I don't think, & really hope, consumers aren't as silly this time around with either there never changing die hard Ninty commitment, or the masses of casuals & little turds whining to mummy for the latest Nintendo, gimmick powered console.
I am dissapointed in there approach really, as they have done the MS last gens. trick & rushed up the need for all companies to go next gen. soon.
Although, I honestly can't wait for my PS4 now (thanks to Ninty, ya varmits), & I really look forward to Myomota making PS4 games when Nintendo closes down there console manufacturing circus.