E3 Reaction: Nintendo Blows Its E3 Conference Opportunity

The Wii U looks great, but it was a bad press conference.

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xflo3602145d ago

Nintendo blew it big time imo. Msoft and sony were both lacklustre which left the door open for nintendo to kill it.
I was expecting a 3d mario, maybe a metroid prime, perhaps what retro are working on, or just something/anything for the core gamer to get people interested, but no.
Instead we get a 2d mario we already knew about, nintendo land??? ( really? ), just dance 4 and lego ( although to be fair that actually looked awsome and the trailer was superb! ) but still be serious it was nowhere near enough.

You let me down ninty!!

Cennus2145d ago

I found the conference to be ok at best. I wouldn't say they blew it. I think a lot of people were looking for launch details. That stuff will be at TGS or a separate press event.

That, however, doesn't give them much room between announcements and release.

PopRocks3592145d ago

I find it strange when people say they're angry for the lack of Smash Bros., launch date and price.

We knew ahead of time that these things would not be revealed, so why the anger towards them? The latter half of the conference inciting anger is what I understand. But not some of the other complaints.

fatboyfsx2145d ago

Angry is the new happy, everybody's doing it!

PopRocks3592145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )


Considering the disagrees my comment got, yeah I guess so.

EDIT: @mr_mike

Don't get me wrong, I didn't like the conference either. It left a familiarly bad taste in my mouth from the '08 conference. But this is Nintendo. Just like either of the other two, they'll deliver eventually on such content.

The conference is a bust, but it doesn't mean the Wii U will be a bad console with lackluster content. Those things are not mutually exclusive.

The Wii U's success is certainly up in the air at this point though. After that presentation, I have no idea how the hell they plan to market it for core gamers.

mike1up2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I know what you are trying to say, but...

We knew that we weren't getting Zelda HD in 2011, and Nintendo still gave us a demo to wet our beaks.

Anyways, I will cut to the chase, here is my problem. Let's forget about the conference (if we can).

Nintendo Land is a collection of mini games. Infact, if I might be so bold, these are the games that we have been begging for (how many years has it been now?).

They can make a Zelda minigame, but they can't at least give me another Zelda HD demo? The exact same goes for F-Zero and Starfox, Nintendo is desperately out of touch and needs a wake up call.

I am so adamant for Mr. Iwata to step down. The man has lost his bearings. I am starting to question if Nintendo even knows what hardcore is anymore.

Xander-RKoS2145d ago

@Mr. Mike

I know where you're coming from, but considering that, relavitvely, we only just heard about what Retro is doing and the fact that Miyamoto has stated that if Star Fox 64 3D didnt sell well then there would be no new Star Fox, means that even if it did sell well enough to continue the series, they wouldn't have anything to show by now.

I personally was okay with Nintendo Land, because its like Wii Sports and Wii sports resort, a package of mechanics that not only let the players become familiar with the new tech, but can inspire developers to build games around these concepts.

Also, for F-Zero, nobody bought it when Sega made GX and I think the crowd that wants it is a very vocal minority. Its probably less to do with being out of touch, and being business saavy. Mario, like Call of Duty, sells. I think that once Nintendo can figure out what to do with F-Zero that is new and utilizes the Wii U controller and/or the Wii remote, they will make something. Afterall, games like Skyward Sword and Pikmin 3 were pretty much explicted said to be made because of the new controllers and tech. During the conference, Miyamoto stated that the Wii U solved the problem of how far they had to zoom the view out to give players enough room to see what they need to and let them focus on the details of the Pikmin, also letting them have two ways ti play. It reminds me when Other M was released and the reason they saw a 2.5D Metroid game as ab opportunity, was because the Wii remote felt like an NES controlller that could also let you switch into first person view to emphasize the 2D and the 3D with a simple motion.

Im just saying that Nintendo as a corporaition, probably know more than the consumer abiout their products. I'm not a businessman, so I dont pretend to know any actual figures or can make realistic predicitons based on them, but I think that Nintendo will give us the same great, innovative, and fun games that they always have.

FlashXIII2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I was only half watching the conference however there were a few positives.. the zombie game looked AWESOME and makes me want to buy it for that alone. I also especially liked how they handled the 3DS stuff with a little demo video then saying they'd address it in a separate conference.. Sony can learn from that in future to please their Vita fans.

On the negatives though, the Mario game they showed for the Wii U looked poor.. maybe people enjoy that nostalgic stuff but personally it just looked old and boring.. played enough of that type of Mario when I was a kid. Would rather have them done a 3d Mario and come up with some quirky creative ways to use the new controller in ways that only Nintendo could come up with.

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Ck1x2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

If NSMB-U had the graphical detail of Little Big Planet, then I would agree the game is gonna fly off the shelves. But it looks like a Wii game and Pikmin was far more interesting to me! As other people stated, Nintendo had other games and even 3rd party demos. But they chose not to show them and it will be a string of bad press behind this for sure. It's like they have alot to talk about but don't want to talk about anything... Maybe they should just pay someone else to promote and talk about the system, because they haven't a clue right now.

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