What Happened Microsoft?

Microsoft, oh how the mighty have fallen this year. Most, if not all of the games that you showed were games that everyone already knew about via official announcement or a leak. Arguably the biggest game that would have made the greatest impact on the Press Conference would have been the new Gears of War game from Epic. Now, let’s not mention the officially named Xbox SmartGlass; well, it’s kind of already existing idea. I have seen some of the features that you are planning for it and some of them had me thinking about a certain new console.

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DigitalRaptor2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Some people will deny, but Microsoft have a new agenda. You can't say the Microsoft of 2006-2008 is worse than the one of today, finances aside. They have found a beloved new audience and Kinect is a very familiar word to them all (before that, it was the Wii).

If it's true what's been claimed, that "third party exclusives are dying", then Microsoft need to get really creative with their first party and put trust into their developers to handle new IPs, and it can't be just Kinect games cause not everyone is a fan of motion gaming - a very large percentage of their core audience in fact.

This is what I hope to see from them next gen, otherwise what else do they expect to provide their original fans? Third party reliance, again?

cstyle2230d ago

I agree with most of that. MS is clearly starting to focus on next gen. They are in a really good position to repeat the success they had this gen. When the next xbox rolls out there will be new IP and some old ones to go with it. The improved Kinect sensor should really help make the next gen quite interesting.

Hufandpuf2230d ago

Don't just pin this on MS, you should be asking "What happened E3?" Seriously, this year has got to be one of the absolute worst years of gaming. Maybe because last year was filled with so many good games, this year was just focused on keeping above water. I don't know about you guys but the industry needs to step it up. With all the money we give them and all the profits they make, we should be asking for more; not the bare minimum.