Who won E3? You Decide!

Of course Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony were all at E3, but who do you think "won" this year? Click the video below to vote and let us know. Results will be revealed the week after E3.

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Tired2264d ago

I'm pretty sure it was me!


Tired2264d ago

Thank you!

I made myself a congratulatory hat!

EVILDEAD3602264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

I agree that gamers definately win when we finally get to see what developers are cooking up..

Again I preface that in my personal opinion Micrsoft had the best overall show. They went first and got HAMMERED by Edge and others.

But when the smoke cleared none of the other consoles outdid them and in the end, there were a couple of mistakes that the others made that many harped were the reasons Micrsoft 'lost' in the past.

At the end of the day, it'll be fun to see how the rest of the year pans out for all of them.

Many many stories that will unfold throughout the year andwith the other conferences ahead there may be time for some megatons in the future.


Ken222264d ago

I was reading through some of those comments and some kid claimed Halo 4 had better graphics than TLOU -___-.

ChickeyCantor2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

How are you offended by that?
If he thinks that, good for him. No need for your elitist nonsense.


MysticStrummer2264d ago

Very few aspects of "Best Graphics" are subjective.

aaron58292264d ago

noone seemed offended but yourself.

Hufandpuf2264d ago

Ubisoft won.. not like there was much competition anyway...

3GenGames2264d ago

Everyone tied for last. Except Ubisoft, they got first.

jonboi242264d ago

5.nintendo, i'm much harsher on them because this was theirs to win easily but the they had 1 boring pre e3 show and 2 lack luster conferences

aaron58292264d ago

yup.. thats exactly my list of best to worse.

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The story is too old to be commented.