Server Transfers Coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic Next Week

Good news for players of Star Wars: the Old Republic who have had some concerns about the game’s server populations. The long teased server transfers are coming next week starting on June 12. The news came the way of a new post in the Community News section of the official SWTOR website. It’s quite lengthy, but here’s the bulletpoints:

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BigTwitchy2301d ago

Yay, but I think that a lot of people forget that WoW had to do the same thing a few months after it came out.

Drekken2301d ago

Wow was something new and fresh... Star Wars is a clone of WoW. With the competition coming, imagine the servers being slimmed down a lot in the next 6 months. I know a lot of people who have already moved on from SW because of the crap end game situation. Gamers do not have long attention spans and really they don't have to with the amount of alternatives out there.

And on the real tip... Subscription gaming is on its way out. I refuse to pay $15 a month. They either need to drastically lower their fees or suffer a slow death.

Drake1172301d ago

If they released the game with enough content then the $15 a month wouldn't of been that big of a deal to most ppl. And no subscription gaming is no where near its way out companies make too much money from doing it.