E3: Someone got some Virtua Fighter in my Dead or Alive 5


I just finished playing as Sara Bryant in Dead or Alive 5. Yes, that Sarah. Miss Tall Drink of Water with a Ponytail herself. Tecmo Koei showed off the addition of the two most popular Virtua Fighter characters, Sara and Akira, to their long-awaited fighter at E3 this week.

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Krimmson2234d ago

A long shot, but I'd really like to see Goh in Dead or Alive 5.

Hell, they may as well should make Virtua Fighter vs Dead or Alive. Both games have the same exact button layout (Punch, Kick, Guard) and it'd be like an answer to Street Fighter X Tekken.
Hell, I'd buy it.

Lucretia2234d ago

I would love to see those Virtua Characters OUT of my DOA.

they better have Momiji in this if they are wasting time on the VF characters

AgreeFairy2234d ago

They don't as the character list has been leaked months ago. They're going to put another VF character into the game too.

This isn't a DOA game though so I'm no longer hyped for it. Maybe if they went back and really made a DOA5 instead of a cross-over with casual power blow mechanics that make the game about less fighting and more flashy cutscenes then I'd actually care about the game.

If this was actually a DOA game then I would've bought it day 1 like the others but it's not. My money has been put towards Playstation All-Stars instead.

Lucretia2234d ago

the mechanics feel fine to me, the power blow is fine aswell, Dunno if you played the demo but it def feels like doa and is fun as hell.

my only gripe is the VF characters, otherwise its awesome. And Doa has always been flashy :D

Veneno2234d ago

So sick of the " You got _________ in my __________" in gaming news articles. Is there no origjnality in gaming journalism? Does anyone else thjnk the gaming press has the worst writers on the planet?

AgreeFairy2234d ago

They got their hurt in your butt.

VTKC2234d ago

Wow I didnt know Sarah was in too. I wish they would include more.

As far back as Virtua Fighter goes. Sarah character always reminded me of Cynthia Rothrock.