The Last of Us Story, Environment, Gameplay Detailed

GR - "While we already know The Last of Us won't be making out this year, that doesn't mean we should stop caring about the game. On the contrary, now is the best time to 'soak" in all that The Last of Us info so you'll be ready once the game hits -- whenever that is."

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DeletedAcc2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

The Last of Us will be amazing and better then uncharted... UNCHARTED!!

holy fuck oO

Virtual_Reality2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Hmm, so far is looking as the best survival action game. The AI is very impressive.

I really want to see how the AI is being programmed, crazy software engineering by ND.

DeletedAcc2230d ago

Lol everyone got disagrees .. Fuckin haters xDD