The Last of Us - 13 Things You Might Have Missed From The E3 Demo

Gamesradar- "We can't be the only ones who were blown away by The Last of Us at Sony's E3 press conference. An expansive, post-apocalyptic urban environment. Subtle characters with nuanced interactions. Brutal, desperate combat with dire consequences, and software design that's really showing off what the PS3 is capable of.

Some might say the post-apocalyptic setting has been done to death, but we say it's never been done like this before. Leave it to Naughty Dog, the developers behind Uncharted, to blow us away with cinematic presentation and characterization like we saw at this year's E3. The demo was intense, so dynamic, so shocking, you may have missed a few key components. Allow us to point them out for you."

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Relientk771932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

It looks amazing, Naughty Dog. Great work

is it 2013 yet? I want this game

NastyLeftHook01932d ago

i hope i can enter a black hole and make time go by a little faster so i dont have to wait for the last of us.

solidjun51932d ago

lol. Unfortunately you'd be obliterated. :-/

cpayne931932d ago

A black hole would crush you smaller than a grain of sand. Have fun with that. :)

cannon88001932d ago


Your body would experience something called spaghettification. Basically, you would get owned. :D

PirateThom1932d ago

There's some very small environmental things I noticed... like when Joel is in the room and takes cover against a cover, the shirts that are hung up move when he brushes against them... when he hits the guy's face off the table, the handle comes off the phone... some of it is minor, but it's nice to see those little touches.

WesMcLaren1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I can't think of a time where I've been so excited by a couple of moving clothes hangers.

Great stuff Naughty Dog!

Nitrowolf21932d ago

I wonder if we can carry more than one gun. Why you ask? Cause I want to be able to carry one gun with no ammo to full the enemies into thinking I ran out of Ammo, then pull the second gun on them.

NastyLeftHook01932d ago

It would be cool if you could get a ton of melee weapons (sort of like condemned) but 100x better.

smashcrashbash1932d ago

That might be a good strategy. You pretend not to have any ammo and when the enemy comes strolling up to you all confident. BAM!!! you blow a hole in his head. But ND said that bullets will be scarce so you probably won't have enough bullets to pull that trick off to often. The nice thing about this game is that the enemies react to you having a gun. The guy in the demo coward behind the couch when he realized you were armed and the guy you had as a hostage seemed genuinely concerned for his life

BitbyDeath1932d ago

I agree, there seems to be a lot of human emotion in this game.

Like when the first guy gets strangled or the guy who gets molotoved and his mates get angry or how the guy pleaded for his life before being blasted with the shotty.

Not to mention Ellie coming to grips with whats going on around her.

jut4201932d ago

I liked how the guy he had hostage started trying to get away when he was aiming and messed up his shot until he put the gun back to his head

HarvesterOSarow1932d ago

The escaping hostage made me think of MGS where you can tap the circle button to "reign" in the enemy. Even in that game you had different choices, so hopefully TLoU has that same freedom. I bet the choke hold Joel put on the first guy could have been held or pressure pushed to down right snap his neck, or kill him a little faster. But at the same time people don't go around breaking necks all willie nillie in real life so it gives the game that gritty feel if it's not possible. Maybe you can do it fast, but the enemy screams, giving away your position?

I thought the aiming reticle was genius. A few games have done it, but it reminded me of Read Dead Redemption, and sometimes aiming is difficult when it is just a little dot. I prefer that to a giant circle.

negroguy1932d ago

I'm interested in the little bit of crafting. Combining the alcohol and bandage for a molotov was a nice addition. Wondering what other things you will be able to make. The best part is you have to actually scavenge for these items, so you can't really go rambo on anything.

HarvesterOSarow1932d ago

If you pause it when they bring the inventory menu up, there are 5 or so squares in each line, and every line is a different type of item. One line was "Explosives" That could be grenades, TNT, C4 and so on. And if you're decent at math you know that having 25 to 30 items to combine can give you a ton of variants.

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