Five Observations from the Nintendo E3 Conference

Pixels or Death's Chris Leddy gives his thoughts on the recent Nintendo E3 conference.

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2266d ago
FarCryLover1822266d ago

Should have brought the goods and nintendoland shouldn't have had so much time devoted to it and it shouldn't have ended the show. Sure, it might and probably will be fun....but, it's nothing to get the mainstream public viewing E3 excited about.

2266d ago
DivineAssault 2266d ago

Some people are so blindly in love with companies that they dont see the patterns we have come to expect.. Maybe alot of these casual games appeal to ppl out here & thats why they focused so heavily on them.. The wii found so much success that nintendo actually thought ppl want more of what it had & dont understand that the wii was just a fad.. & forgotten piece of tech junk u can find in any flea market or pawn shop for $20..YUP 1st party games were quality, but sadly that was pretty much it here in the states.. Japan however gets really good games & im sure THEY will get really good wii u games too..