Have Nintendo Lost The Plot with Wii U?

( Yet again Nintendo are rolling out their multi million pound selling favorites mario and co and seem to be relying on the family market and the “Non Core Gamers” again with updated versions of Wii fit cleverly named Wii Fit U. Ok we got to see a couple of screens from UBISOFT’s new Wii U IP ZOMBIU (see what they have done there which seems to be a growing trend) but as for going after the core gamers again which Nintendo has stated more than once there was very little on display.

So what did Nintendo and the Wii U have to offer us so called “Core Gamers” or should I rephrase that? What did Nintendo show us so called “Core Gamers”, well it was single screenshots and pre rendered or non live gameplay of last years, this year’s and next year’s games. To be honest non of the games listed below stand out to me as a day one buy just because I can now use a fancy pad (or maybe not so fancy pad) to look at maps and change weapons and cameras does not warrant buying a game I already own and have owned for the at least a year once it becomes available on Wii U.

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MadMen2237d ago

The Wii U will be a failure esp when compared to the Wii

neogeo2237d ago

Be sure to save your comment there for review in a year or so.

MadMen2237d ago

Im sure you thought the same thing for the neogeo

DivineAssault 2237d ago

Shintowave, read this article.. Maybe you will understand my viewpoint a bit better

ApolloAdams2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Mario is a core gaming experience though.

And good updated third party games to boast for good measure I think the Wii-U covered all of its bases this E3 and performed well.

It all goes down to preference and what you think is good and mature for you.

I don't think they stole the show(that was Ubisoft)but it was clean and direct and satisfied the "core" and the "casual"

chukamachine2237d ago

I don't think the hardware is bad or the software lineup.

But casuals will not pick this up.

Wii was picked up because of the motion controls and the cheap price.

Dlacy13g2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

I don't think Nintendo lost the "Plot" with the WiiU...but certainly they lost sight of the message they were supposed to deliver at this years E3. What message is that? Why a PS3 or 360 user would consider buying a WiiU. Not much of what they showed off yesterday spoke to that. The list of 3rd party titles certainly didn't...and I wasn't blown away by the 1st party stuff. Couple that with no release date and no price and honestly... I feel about the same as I did last year after E3. That is, mildly interested in what it "might" be...but not too bothered.

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The story is too old to be commented.