Five Observations from the Microsoft E3 Conference (and why movies aren't better with Kinect)

Pixels or Death's Ben Chapman writes:

“Hello, audience! So far, we’ve shown you the glory of glossy menus, TV channel logos, and insufficient coverage of hit video game series. So… I don’t know. I guess we’ll just watch a movie for a bit before a man gyrates in vague correlation to a game logo lazily displayed behind him? OK.” – Microsoft Dude

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cstyle2144d ago

Another pointless article. I love using kinect for movies and some games are cool too.

Hanuman2144d ago

Movies: Yes, Games: NO

gamer78042144d ago

This article is nuts, I enjoy watching movies more now that i have a digital collection and can use kinect to control them. Great when you are busy with kids or something else and don't have time to reach the controller.