Gamestop Goes Crazy With Inflated Wii-U Pricing

File this one under N for Never Happening. has updated their list of Wii-U games and made every big E3 announcement available for preorder starting today. The only catch? The preorder prices are nearly double what they should be.

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alien6262302d ago

oh wow i hope the next generation game dont cost that much...

GamingPerson2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

If Cod does it it will be standard.. It's up to the console crowd to see where this will go again.

But I doubt they will be $100. But I wouldn't be surprise if Black ops 3 or 4 is $70.

JhawkFootball062302d ago

I will never pay $100 for a game. You imagine how many people pirate games at $60... that number would significantly increase.

guitarded772302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

The Wii U games are listed at $59.99 on Amazon for preorder. GameStop must just be using the price as a placeholder until official confirmation.

shackdaddy2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

No one's gonna buy games at $100. I can even see a lot of people not buying $70 games.

And they would completely kill off the small bit of what's left of Australian gamers. They are already paying about 116 US dollars per game...

mewhy322301d ago

Wow. That's too much for next gen games. If this is the case then many a current gen gamer will remain just that, a current gen gamer. Let's hope that their just price gouging.

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modesign2302d ago

the gaming industry would collapse if games were $99

SKUD2302d ago

Games are already costing over $100. The initial game is $65. The "complete" game is or over $100. Its already here. Just in a different price structure to fool gamers. Thanks for nothing DLC.

vallencer2301d ago


The thing about the "price structure" you mention is that you don't have ti buy the extra content. As much as you might not like it you don't have to buy it. The problem with the $100 price structure is you do have to shell that out from the get go, unless of course you wait for a sale.

WeskerChildReborned2301d ago

$100 is just a ridiculous price when PC games are most of the time not even as expensive as console games.

ShadowKingx2302d ago

save up for 3 games and might as well buy a 360 or PS3. 100 dollars they are out of there mind. if the next gen games are going to cost that much i guess i will switching to PC games. Besides next gen game and consoles end up dropping in price after a year anyway and its going to take a year for any good games to come out on it anyway.

Vortex3D2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

The problem is PC games that cross platform with next gen consoles will cost the same. It used PC version was $10 less, but not anymore for a long time.

It's the cost of making "next gen" quality like graphics, not "PC".

When that happens PC gamers will understand the meaning of more graphics to take advantage of the hardware. Right now they keep thinking more graphics to run on high end PC hardware doesn't cost anymore.

Arksine2302d ago

Probably, but I'll just stop buying games day 1. Prices usually drop quickly after a month. If they are this high the price will almost certainly drop immediately, because people arent going to pay that much for a game.

Draperc2302d ago

"You can see the slightly inflated prices below, and also a link to the Wii-U store front so you can lock in your overly expensive preorders right now!"

SLIGHTLY inflated? I'd hate to see this guy's definition of greatly inflated then.

strangelove2302d ago

It was actually more of a sarcastic slighly I threw in. But greatly inflated would be when gamestop put the Vita up for preorder with an estimated price of $1000 last year. That was just overkill.

RespectedDesperado2302d ago

Did Nintendo go back to cartridges?

ChickeyCantor2301d ago

On the upside, no loading times ;D

BubloZX2302d ago

Hope this ain't the final price

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