E3 2012: Reggie Fils-Aime Says Wii U Launch Window Will Be Three To Four Months Long

Nintendo seems to be leaving a seemingly large gap for four of their showcased titles to release head-on after the Wii U’s launch itself – three to four months, as Mr. Fils-Aime explained in a recent statement to IGN Nintendo.

"It’s launch plus the following three to four months."

On the bright side, all the first-party titles we got to see at the conference are confirmed to be releasing during this launch-window period, so you can be sure that we won’t be seeing

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richierich2146d ago

He said that there wont be a repeat of last years 3DS launch titles problem. IMO I dont see the WiiU launch titles to be worth getting excited over either.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2146d ago

Uhm, that has always been the length of the launch window.

IMO there are 6 "Core" games that I want to play.

And some Casuals

And Project P-100

juaburg2146d ago

Its atleast better than the 3ds launch :) i hope they reveal some more games.

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DivineAssault 2146d ago

What titles are so important that cant be found somewhere else or havent been played months ago? R ppl really interested in buying ANOTHER mario bros game & ANOTHER pikmin so bad theyre willing to hand over money to them in good faith that 3rd party will deliver at some point? Unless your a major nintendo fan or a child, wii u will sit on shelves this holiday season.. Thats not a wise launch.. (Thats just me)

ronin4life2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

look up project p-100.
It's like Superheroes+power rangers+little kings story.

ZombiU is also an exclusive experience, and unlike Dead space and Resident evil, a REAL survival horror.

Scribblenauts seems to have an open world and an incredibly deep content creator that allows you to create nearly anything and place it into the games dictionary. These creations can be downloaded by others and used in the same way.

There are quite a few games at launch/near launch that are awesome. It's a shame Nintendo did such a poor job detailing the correct ones.

GameLord082146d ago

I agree on the ZombiU front. For a survival-horror game, Dead Space and Resident Evil have gone a bit too far down the action route. ZombiU, on the other hand, looked gory, intense and downright eerie. It sort of reminded me of the Silent Hill series.

Bottom line, the Wii U has an intriguing line-up; they just didn‘t flaunt it properly.

ApolloAdams2146d ago

I dislike people like you who assume for you to like Nintendo you have to be a child....

The older crowd grew up with Nintendo and they continue to amaze.

3rd Party is coming strong from the start actually and it is okay if those games aren't your taste but it is evident that third party will be there.

Wii-U will easily push sales especially at launch because Mario is there. It will come at a good price point.

I wouldn't doubt Nintendo because their last two console launches have shown that they can survive to the beat of their own drum.

DivineAssault 2146d ago

i grew up playing them. I own every system theyve ever released.. Including the failed virtual boy (wario land was awesome) but ever since SNES, the 3rd party was getting weaker & weaker & i HIGHLY doubt there will be any more exclusive 3rd party titles than what the wii got.. They can prove me wrong by announcing some.. Not u or anyone else saying "THEY WILL! THEY WILL!" I dont think Zombie U is interesting at all.. Just a scrap launch title that will be $5 in a month.. Mario bros will be the FOURTH installment & it looks no different than before with another suit.. I dont care what anyone else believes or thinks, NINTENDO & them alone must prove to the WORLD it wont be the same. They did the opposite yesterday

GameLord082146d ago

LEGO: City Undercover, ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Skylanders Giants and Project P-100. All amazing and exclusive games that have currently attracted mass attention to the Wii U at E3, and guess what? Third-party titles, all of them. And it‘s not another Pikmin and Mario - Pikmin 3 has been on high demand ever since last year and New Super Mario Bros. U actually showed off gorgeous new graphics and exquisite gameplay elements that we‘ve never seen before. And remember; all this is just a taster.

Granted, not all of Nintendo‘s showcases at E3 were spectacular and they didn‘t really seize this chance to shine, but this as we know, is only the beginning. I, personally, have seen enough to convince me to buy the Wii U, and there is no doubt that with all this hullaballoo the console has generated, a hefty lot more devs will be tearing in, including the ones who were eyeing the console before E3.

As for the rest, Miiverse? That is miles more innovative and social than anything Microsoft or Sony provided.

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