E312: Video hands-on with ZombiU's asymmetric multiplayer [SideQuesting]

Dali Dimovski of writes: "It's part tower defense and part Left 4 Dead. ZombiU‘s version of asymmetric gameplay involves one player using the tablet-featured Gamepad and another using a Pro Controller. And it's surprisingly fun.

Hands-on and video."

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shackdaddy2179d ago

This game will be wiiu's system seller. Which is weird considering it's 3rd party.

The haters over at Kotaku even like it...

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2179d ago

With RE and now Dead Space going toward action- this is the only 100% Survival Horror Game.

(Although, you probably won't survive for long).

I want this the most.

Hisiru2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I am still very sad with Dead Space's new direction :(

And this is coming from a huge fan of the series.

PopRocks3592179d ago

One of the glaring issues I have with Nintendo's conference is that there was absolutely no mention of online gaming. Is this online? Is New Super Mario Bros. U online? Why the lack of clarification?

kewlrats2179d ago

Totally agree.

Talking to the PR rep on hand, he told me that there would be no online multiplayer, only offline.

The online portion of the game would include MiiVerse, where if you die your character becomes a zombie in your friends' games

joab7772179d ago

Very risky. Its a mix of hardcore and tablet. Its offline multi player which I don't understand and its really different in a time in which hardcore gamers are about to get next Gen awesomeness (see watchdogs and beyond). It may be great for families and platforming games like ray man, Mario etc. A father and son would have a great time. I guess anything is possible but I c the wiiu as having a 12 month window to hook ppl