Halo 4 Tactical Packages Revealed

GR - "Discover the tactical packages you'll have available in your multiplayer loadouts for Halo 4."

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StreetsofRage2174d ago

Don't like the Shield package at all.

morventhus2174d ago

Shield one doesnt bother me as much as spawning with two primary weapons....
is it bad these perks are making me want to unpre-order halo 4?

eh who am i kidding i probably wont... ill just get the non limited edition... and not touch multiplayer outside of spartan ops.........

KeiserSosay47882174d ago

what weapons count as primaries? Surely not power weapons...

morventhus2174d ago

primary weapons are like Assualt rifle carbine br dmr etc

SixZeroFour2174d ago

i dont see the problem, when i play halo, i usually swap my secondary immediately for another primary at the spawn base before i head into the battlefield anyways

FlashXIII2174d ago

Same, sounds pretty imba tbh and looks like it's just waiting to be abused. Things like this have me a little worried that 343i aren't doing a beta.

VictoriousB132174d ago

mlg pro who have played Halo 4 at e3 have said these perks are fairly negligible so I wouldnt worry too much about balance.

delosisland2174d ago

Guys, half the playlists in Reach were DMR & Assault Rifle combo. It's not a big deal at all. In the end, smart players will have smart loadouts based on map and gametype. Dumb players will roll with BR & some other rifle NO MATTER WHAT. And they will lose more than win my friends. Plus is anyone noticing that the jumping is awesome in Halo 4??? That got me sooo excited.

SixZeroFour2174d ago

agreed, while we didnt have teh option for br and dmr in reach, there were rarely times when i would go with drm and needle rifle...infact, i chose to go with dmr and plasma pistol (for vehicles) more often than the 2 primary perk doesnt concern me too much