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Halo 4: Armor Abilities Revealed

GR - "Discover the armor abilities you'll have available to you in Halo 4." (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

StreetsofRage  +   1124d ago
The abilities sound cool. Not sure about the vision ability. Would make many games like CTF and Assault very easy. Definitely don't like the shield package. This is going to lead to unfair kills and deaths. I'm glad they brought back the BR and took out the bloom, but I'm not sure about some of these other additions.
ShottySnipa417  +   1124d ago
It's been said to have drawbacks to balance it out.

For example, you will initially make a sound, so the other team can hear that an enemy is using the ability. Another drawback is that enemies that are seen through the walls will have a notification of some kind that they are being viewed through the wall and will be aware to watch their steps.
morventhus  +   1124d ago
Well im glad to see the armor abilities... look semi balanced with the vision thing being short ranged.... and them replacing armor lock with a shield that only protects your front...

but for the tactical armor enhancements... what they have shown just seem... balance breaking
FlashXIII  +   1124d ago
Glad they got rid of jet packs.. while they were fun, maps had to be designed to incorporate them which in turn made for some awful maps.. sword base being a prime example.

Still, the thruster pack thing seems a bit too much like a mini sprint for my liking.. I hope it doesn't allow for a quick get-away card to escape being killed like many top players used sprint for in reach.

Shield better not block grenades and not stay up long.. could be an interesting ability if it's balanced.
nilamo  +   1124d ago
sword base is an excellent map, so I don't see the problem.
ShottySnipa417  +   1124d ago
No, it wasn't.

90% o the match is spent in the green lift room. It's a huge camper fest.
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nilamo  +   1124d ago
Overtaking the campers is the part that makes it fun. It's a perfect map for team slayer because you are forced to work together instead of running around separately like headless chickens without any sense of teamplay.
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MerkinMax  +   1124d ago
Sword base is awful.
Vertical maps like that ruin the flow of the game. Once the sword makes it up top, the game sucks. Since that team now camps the shit out of the top level, and every death you spawn at the bottom of the shitty map. No using lifts to get up quickly since they're being camped, got to run around the cat walks for 3 stories ans likely be picked off in the process. Just typing this makes me hate the map even more,
user5467007  +   1124d ago
Perks...Amor abilities <sigh>

I liked the fact Halo was pretty much balanced but now it seems it's going to end up like most multiplayer games today which rely on how your use your perks or special abilities instead of skill

Why could they not make it like the good old Halo 2

This is going to end up being unbalanced, they did the same to Uncharted 3 when Uncharted 2 was so fun and balanced and when they added the changes to make it more like every other multiplayer game (cough cough COD) they made it unbalanced
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FlashXIII  +   1124d ago
Because good old Halo 2 wouldn't be half as popular today... wished they had gone back to the old perfect Halo formula but these days you gotta be competing with cod and that means adding a bunch of useless crap to give players advantages.. raw skill based gameplay just doesn't do the rounds these days.
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morventhus  +   1124d ago
it does... rarely... see PC gaming.... and select 360 and ps3 games.... but skill aint mainstream anymore
Mastarace  +   1124d ago
Honestly Halo is dead to me. halo 4 completely copied call of duty with perks,instant spawns,killstreaks,unlock weapons,etc.
h311rais3r  +   1124d ago
No no it didn't. Bf 2 had unlocks n crap back in 2005 and games before that also. Stop acting like cod invented everything.
MerkinMax  +   1124d ago
Heres what I noticed as a Halo player.
Big thing I didn't like in Halo Reach was bloom, good idea on paper, way to random in gameplay. What this led to was gunplay being less fun and responsive which led to more falling back on armor abilities. 343 has changed this.

The gunplay now looks solid, meaning that those with a good shot don't have to get screwed by a bad mechanic like bloom in Reach. Shooting will be the best tactic, not relying and some armor ability and mod. The armor abilities are largely toned down as well (oh I'm out playing you so you deploy a Hardlight Shield? Well enjoy this nade under your feet.) in Reach that same encounter would have been an armor lock where I have to sit there and wait for the guy to pop out of it, most likely to be engaged by one of his teammates and be killed.

I like what I see so far, and I can't wait to get my hands on it.
HacSawJimThugin  +   1124d ago
Not a fan of armor abilities at all...Still Day 1 tho!!
GearSkiN  +   1124d ago
Those who compare halo to cod are the type of ppl that are just clueless,
Either way their still gonna play halo 4
Sainox16  +   1123d ago
Thts not all is it?
delosisland  +   1123d ago
Thruster pack is literally gonna replace Evade from Reach. Sounds fun and probably looks cooler "_"

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