Top 5 Wii U Questions Nintendo Still Needs to Answer

Despite Nintendo's promise of a "full reveal" of Wii U at this year's E3, many fans and potential customers have been left wondering about some of the system's most basic functionality. With Nintendo's poor track record, online is a special concern.

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Magnus2302d ago

My questions are.

Whats the price?

Whats the launch titles?

Will it have that stupid number address thing when you want to add friends? The Wii had it and it was a pain.

eagle212301d ago

Price will be mass market stated by Reggie to IGN. Launch titles announced as well as launch window (just google it). Nintendo Network won't use codes. .

Hisiru2300d ago

-What's the price?
-How the achievement/trophy (announced at Nintendo's roundtable) works? Does it have a leveling system? Can I use the trophies/achievements to decorate my plaza? Can I use it to buy some items ingame or items for my avatar?
-We now know Fifa 13 and Madden NFL are coming, why can't you talk about more third party games?

Thecraft19892300d ago

'' Wii U optical discs has not been revealed either.''

Yes It has Reggie confirmed last E3 It will use proprietary disc format with 25gb of space.

DivineAssault 2300d ago

It concerns me as to why Nintendo didnt touch on any of these things..

live2play2300d ago

nintendo usually reaveals the price and release date later on their own, hardly ever at e3 they even stated BEFORE E3 2012


and yet people STILL were suprised they didnt announce anyrhing

DivineAssault 2300d ago

i knew that part.. The 3rd party support, online connectivity, & achievements.. Plus some ppl dont read these articles all the time & only glimpse at it once in a while

live2play2300d ago

what concerns me is why people keep forgetting that nintendo never reveals price and launch info on e3 they have a seperate conference for that

AND ESPECIALLY NEVER reveal the system specs

what concerns me is that people are this forgetfull

live2play2300d ago

3rd party support????
did you not see last e3 developer videos??
did you not see that 3rd parties are release their games like batman, zombie u, assassins creed, aliens, mass effect 3, darksiders, tekken, scribblenauts

yea some of those games are already released on other systems... BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THEY DONT EXIST OR MATTER ANYMORE

look at it as a pledge that they are willing to give the wii u a chance. they got the dev kits not too long ago and games take 2 or 3 years to develop

3rd parties are bringing in their old games and once a fanbase is established they will develop new games

DivineAssault 2300d ago

Ive been burned so many times by them that i cant trust a few games thrown at me.. EA & Ubisoft have always supported nintendo.. the wii has alot of games by them.. AC3 is a great move but what about RE6, Metal Gear, Castlevania, Tomb Raider, COD? why arent those games confirmed as being released? It wouldve been great to experience those games on the Wii U & i would buy 1 if they stepped it up.. Its too risky to jump right in.. Wii U is still on my radar but im not buying it till i see more & get some answers & confirmations

telekineticmantis2300d ago

How the [email protected] is Tank Tank Tank. The most popular game at E3?

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