Forza Horizon with Kinect is best passenger seat driver ever

OXM writes: The numbered games are straight-and-narrow car sims with all the sliders, gauges and percentages you can shake a stick labelled "realism" at, but Horizon? Horizon is an open world racer which just wants to have fun. It's also a racer that'll tell you where you are and where you're going when you shout at it. Take my money, Turn 10. Take it before I spend it on something foolish, like a real car.

"You know Forza 4 had a lot of Kinect features," Design Director John Knowles told OXM at E3 today, "And the only one that makes this game better wasn't in Forza 4. It's new - it's GPS Voice.

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Me-Time2144d ago

That's purrty cool. Good stuff.

IHateYouFanboys2142d ago

Again, kinect implementation like this is the future of kinect, and why the tag line of "better with kinect" can actually be very very true.