The New SimCity: Let's Be Cautiously Optimistic

"When the market for city-builders shrunk after SimCity 4 and Tilted Mill’s spin-off attempt at its emergency resuscitation, SimCity Societies, deservedly bombed, I was fairly convinced that Maxis had no good reason to return to the franchise. I have to admit, then, I was a little worried when the SimCity “reboot” (if you can call it that) was announced earlier this year. Indeed, the very word “reboot” tends to leave a worrying sour taste in my mouth, as generally it’s unsubtle code for corporate resurrection and molestation, franchise voodoo of sorts, an attempt to appeal to completely different demographics while fobbing off the diehards that made the series work in the first place. But while I can’t honestly say that fear has been totally alleviated, consider my curiosity genuinely piqued after SimCity’s first gameplay demonstration at E3."

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AzaziL2236d ago

Great, another reason to accept "always on" DRM.

I bet this trend gets worse in 2013 where half the AAA titles will require an internet connection.