5 Reasons Why We Want Need For Speed: Most Wanted

EA’s press conference at E3 brought us some nice new information about the latest Need for Speed title: Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

BOG put together a list of 5 things why Criterion’s latest Need for Speed title just might be worth the wait.

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RioKing2264d ago

This game is definitely on my "most wanted" list ;)

hilyou2264d ago

Nice pun. I loved Burnout Paradise and I am looking forward to this. To me this isn't NFS, it's Criterion. If it's anything like Paradise, I would buy it.

RioKing2263d ago

I'm honestly expecting the game to "play" like the recent NFS: Hot Pursuit from handling and graphics wise.

@ Below: I LOVED customizing my cars in the original Most Wanted and I'm truly saddened by EA's decision to exclude that from the recent nfs games :'(

FarCryLover1822264d ago

Why is is called Most Wanted? There should be a 2.... two NFS games in one generation with the same name (confusing for the public/ smh)

Enmson2264d ago

i want it for customaization and i dont think the game has it sadly

Cosmit2264d ago

I'm hoping SO BAD that it has deep customization. Like rims, decals, vinyls, neon's, window tints, hydraulics, etc.

It may be a deal breaker if its not included.