Final Fantasy XIV Producer Discusses Roadmap, PS3 Beta, and Xbox 360 Possibilities

Director and producer Naoki Yoshida was quizzed on the long awaited reboot of the troubled MMORPG.

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Godmars2902299d ago

Better be talking about F2P the way MMOs are going.

kevnb2299d ago

Or they can go guild wars style, lots of expansions.

rdgneoz32299d ago

Yah, Guild Wars went the good way. Content heavy expansions and then character customization options that don't affect gameplay. Can't wait for Guild Wars 2, hopefully it'll be soon with how the beta has been going.

Abriael2298d ago

the way *bad* MMOs are going, maybe.

kevnb2299d ago

Just kill the damn game.

Blackpool2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

I wish they did.... I'm still waiting on for some Versus news... http://farm9.staticflickr.c...

Myst2299d ago

So those of us who did get Final Fantasy 13, registered and all that jazz do we all still get in the beta? Cause ya know I still want in :| also I think it was FF13 could be wrong. Though anyway at least they are turning things around.

InfamousHero2299d ago

Anyone still talking down on this game hasnt played recently. As a huge fan of FFXI this game isnt AS good yet but its definitely getting there. The game is very fun my only issues are leveling might be a little too fast and i miss the auction house.

More end-game content and we're good to go.

Myst2299d ago

Yep I am still awaiting the PS3 version only because my laptop can't run it and didn't have enough to buy or build. I've been following the activities and things seem to be picking up A LOT and the way things are going it may not be FF11 but it will be pretty close.

InfamousHero2299d ago

Have you actually tried to run it on your laptop? Everybody told me my laptop wouldnt be able to play it but im able to play it on medium settings with an onboard graphics card.

JAMurida2299d ago

True enough.

I'm the same with you on background with FFXI, and still wanting for this on PS3. And as you said, anyone down playing it really hasn't been following the producer letters and podcast about it, it's a completely different game now and is getting better. I don't know if it will ever get on FFXI's level... maybe years down the road, but we'll see.

But overall they're basically slowly but surely making the game just like FFXI with improvments/new features, which is what they should of done in the first place. And I think the AH is coming back as well in 2.0.

Myst2299d ago

I have tried two places "Can you run it?" Along with the benchmark. I cannot :( I suppose I could buy it and give it a try

InfamousHero2298d ago

Can You Run It told me i failed as well but i'm playing it right now as i type this lol

Can't hurt the games only $10 right now and comes with a free month.

Myst2298d ago

Yeah well I guess I'll purchase it and give it a go. Thanks :)


DivineAssault 2299d ago

Most Xbox players arent interested in eastern developed games. (no offense but its true & i own a xbox too)I hope these games are developed right cuz its hard on PS3 but when done exclusively, they turn out magnificent opposed to multiplatform

videoxgamexfanboy2299d ago

What are you basing this statement on? Thats one of the stupidest lies ive ever heard. If your bading it on the 360 being a "shooter" console well so is the ps3.

DivineAssault 2299d ago

Im basing it on sales.. If u look up the chartz, u will see for yourself

Kratoscar20082299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Is a FACT that the 360 is a Shooter Nest. Even the PS2 surpasses the 360 in hardware sales from time to time in Japan.

Arnon2298d ago

Then it has to be a FACT that the PS3 is a shooter console as well, since its top selling games (meaning the most players on said games) are shooter titles.

Drop this double standard already. Its been 6-7 years now and you guys still pull this dumb crap.

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