Is this Nintendo's official Wii U GamePad stand?

Destructoid- "We spotted something interesting on the show floor today at Nintendo's booth. A few Wii U titles allow you to use the GamePad as a visual aid while using a Wii Remote for gameplay. In Pikmin 3, for example, while playing with the Wii Remote, a map of the entire area is displayed on the GamePad's screen."

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eagle212302d ago

"The imprinted Nintendo and Wii U logos on the stand also suggest that it's official."

Well there you go

isntchrisl2302d ago

It looks too thin to be a charging cradle. And in all likelihood the charging cradle will be horizontal like the 3DS' so it won't fall or block the TV.

jacen1002302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

yes the word is that it is a charger cradle holder there is also a protective sheild that covers the screen and headset, i seen the images on google