Do Violent Games Speak to a Lack of Creativity or Lack of Conviction?

1UP- Several developers may be aiming to add meaning and context to the violence the dominates gaming's most popular titles, but fans of senseless virtual slaughter needn't worry: This year's E3 offers plenty of opportunities for savage, imaginary brutality. In fact, Monday's press conferences pounded the concept of violence into our eyes, ears, and minds with relentless persistence.

Why were this year's E3 press briefings -- Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft -- so laser-focused on visual savagery? Is the idea of gaming as a virtual charnel house the best way these developers and publishers know to cover their failure to come up with more nuanced approaches to game design? Or do the bloody shootings, stabbings, and dismemberments speak instead to publishers' lack of confidence in gamers' willingness to support a game that doesn't pander to their most vicious instincts?

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waltyftm2147d ago

Neither, it's just another genre.

Dante1122147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

It seems like since God of War: Ascension and The Last of Us has been shown, journalists have been really trying to push this whole too violent bs. Wonder where all this "too violent" talk was when Gears of War had you chopping people in half with chainsaw ("Did you see that man, HARDCORE!").

Edit: Lol, like how he finishes off with this

"I mention Halo 4 strictly because of the pleasant contrast it offered to the demos above. Yes, Halo involves combat and shooting, ******but the demo Microsoft showed off this week offered a glimpse at something beyond the wall of noise, bullets, and brutality that defined nearly every other shooter.*******"

Guess he missed those stealth kills on the show floor footage.

Son_Lee2147d ago

This stems from people being overly sensitive nowadays. So it's violent, so what? It's entertainment. Don't like it? Don't play it.

2146d ago