Top 5 Nintendo E3 Conference Highlights

It's no surprise that the crowd left Nintendo's Press Conference a little deflated, not receiving every nook of hardware information that explains exactly how the Wii U will revolutionize the industry with social networking and tablet based controls. What we did get, though, was a slew of games from both Nintendo and major third-party players. Some are forgettable, others are more or less repeats from last year, but the fresh entries are the ones getting top praise, and worthy of the list below.

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eagle212209d ago

I watched a hands on off screen of NSMBU and it looked and played sharp. Nintendo should have showed off the social aspects during their presentation because that differentiates this title in the NSMB series. Another thing is playing this game on the controller without the tv.

ZombiU seems like a solid title for the genre. It has that "die once it's over" hardcore difficulty that hopefully is appreciated. It's exclusive and rated M so you can't say "casual WiiU" without looking stupid soon.