Diablo III Review - The Digital Fix

To begin this review, we are going to step aside from all the ‘quirks’ of the Diablo III login process, though the sting in the tail is sure to return later, and just reflect on the very fact that Diablo III is actually actual. Here are some things to ponder over from the year 2000, when Diablo II was released: groovy saxophonist Bill Clinton was still, just about, President; Osama Bin Laden was just a small thorn in the CIA’s side; Coldplay were playing in pubs, on the verge of meteoric fame; the idea of the London 2012 Olympics had not even been suggested to the government; Apple were yet to enter the mp3 player market; the human genome was only just being unravelled and Concorde still flew (though tragically). I guess the rather obtuse point being made here is that things change. Actually, a lot changes in twelve years. Which is why, when I finally got down to playing Diablo III, I got a small shock. In the frosted world of Blizzard, change is a word best left frozen under the ice.

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