Sony Admits Fault in Not Showing Enough Vita at E3 Presser

Sony’s E3 press conference didn’t considerably feature , surprisingly, the PlayStation Vita. With ailing sales for the handheld worldwide, one would have thought their presser would have been a Vita-centric one. It was the exact opposite, though. Sony has now admitted it was their fault for not showcasing the PSP’s successor enough during the conference.

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TheFinalEpisode2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

That's because they showed off too much Wonderbook, I hated that thing. They should've just shown the trailer and used the other 10 minutes wasted on that showcasing the Vita instead.

ziggurcat2259d ago

exactly. they wasted too much time on that thing when they could have taken a significant portion of that precious time to show us more vita stuff.

NovusTerminus2259d ago

Wonderbook took WAY to much time, 15min on that stupid thing (We timed it)

I agree with them, they should have spent allot more time on the Vita, but this is part of life. Live and learn, and hopefully next year, or TGS we see allot more Vita.

jukins2259d ago

exactly that took all my interest out of sony's conference at that point, as well as the decent momentum sony had going for themselves. countless other games could've been demo'd whether they be vita or ps3 games. im kinda mad at how when they were talking about move they kinda just blurted out sports champions 2 in the list of move games like it had already been shown and just kept going things like that made me ugh.

overall a kinda disappointing E3 maybe the spike game awards and tgs will have better stuff.

NovusTerminus2259d ago

Fully agree with you! Sports Champions 2 got overlooked and it annoyed me!

I think E3 needs to have more underground titles shown, like Soul Sacrifice for the Vita, showing it on a stage every gamer is watching could bring allot more attention to the title, thus raising the chance of a hit!

Imagine if Demon's Soul's got an Sony E3 unveiling, that would have been awesome!

Y_51502259d ago

@LordMe I never noticed that Sports Champions 2 even got announced! I had to go to PShome to actually realized that it has been announce!

solidjun52259d ago

yea. Their PR team should be ashamed of themselves. Wonderbook sucked. They really should have shortened that to 2 minutes . the rest of the time should have been on the games mentioned in the article for vita.

metsgaming2259d ago

Just make sure gamescom has more focus on that.

Dread2259d ago

wow even Sony is part of the global conspiracy against Sony. However, here at N4G we know does not matter what anyone says, including Sony, the fact is that Sony never makes mistakes. they are perfect.


solidjun52259d ago

I'm sure you can sleep happy tonight now right?

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The story is too old to be commented.