E3 2012 - New Black Ops II Screens Look Great

MP1st - On top of all the new gameplay that's been shown at E3, Treyarch and Activision have released a new batch of HD quality campaign screenshots for Black Ops II.

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Hanuman2181d ago

I don't think they look that great at all considering they are probably PC screens. The lighting is outdated (first screen!) and I see jaggies all over the place...

DecoyOctopus2181d ago

agreed i mean half-life 2 from 2004 = 8 years old!, looks much better than this

seanpitt232181d ago

are you smoking pot or taking drugs

Siren302181d ago

The hate for cod is really getting out of hand. I have half life 2 on my xbox 360 and it doesn't even look close to this good.

Hanuman2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Please compare it to the screens you'll find when googling for HL2.. It's been 8 friggin' years!!