CCP explains Dust 514 updating, Sony certification and not disturbing Eve


PS3 shooter MMO Dust 514 has unprecedented freedom on PSN to be updated by developer CCP. This is crucial for an MMO.
But, Eurogamer learned today at E3, some Dust 514 updates will still have to go through Sony certification. So, how exactly will CCP go about updating Dust 514?

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VonBraunschweigg2086d ago

Here's a way to get into the beta, if I knew it I'm not sure if I would have bothered. Hell, I'm not even in yet, I still have to win a game of Slay...but here we go: update Home, dl the E3 booth, do all 12 tedious quests, dl Dust venue, 2 options: register through normal website (not accepted because I already did) all the vids in the venue and oh yeah, learn this funny boardgame we developed, here's a 12 page tutorial=)

I tried without, doesn't work that way. Tommorow I'll give it another shot, apparently you can put units on top of eachother to make stronger units. Game's probably funny, I even admit this is a funny way of distributing beta keys, but if you hoped for a quick beta access as suggested in some vid at E3 to play some in your limited time tonight, this all was not really...well, it sucked.

Virtual_Reality2086d ago

There are players losing on purpose against other players, so the winners can get the beta easily.

The top player of the leaderboard, coincidentally is Grideris, lol.

Virtual_Reality2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

Very good.

And the expansions/updates are also free. So, the persistence, the mechanics, graphics, customization, maps and more are always going to be evolving forever and for free.

VonBraunschweigg2085d ago

Yep, I can see this jump to PS4 at some time, if reasonably succesfull the first years. And thanx for the reply above, good to read people do that.