E3 Reactions, Gaming’s Future In Our Personal Lives

With this year’s E3, even realistic expectations may have been a bit too much. History tells us that companies always thrive on software, and despite that fact, there are differing opinions about which of the “big three’s” showing was the most underwhelming with regard to software. Sony had a really big exclusive with The Last of Us, a particularly sleek Naughty Dog IP that provides the horror of a post-apocalyptic world with the attachment sentiment of Ico.

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ApolloAdams2146d ago

My reactions:

Ubisoft killed it and I was highly surprised at what they were actually capable of doing.

EA was focused as usual and even though there were n surprises it was god to watch.

Microsoft is slowly but surely planning a great assault on the market. Watch Microsoft in the coming years. Staying with $299 interesting,

Sony was game oriented which is the normal. Vita was lackluster and no price drop. Questionable. And Wonder-book is well hilariousness.

Nintendo was god and the Wii-U seems to be coming into it's own and with some more games coming in the coming years I see a good cycle for Nintendo.

Overall I enjoyed it but where is my unreal Engine 4 Demo???