E3 12; God of War: Ascension multiplayer is godly

PS3 Attitude is at E3 and writes:
"In the God of War series, Kratos has always ventured alone in his travels to destroy the gods. The upcoming God of War: Ascension introduces the franchise to an all-new multiplayer component that combines the brutality and bloodshed the games are known for with competitive eight player mayhem."

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TheFinalEpisode2264d ago

Glad to hear it's good, even though Santa Monica is awesome coming up with fresh MP ideas that actually work is a challenge in today's market, especially for an action game like GoW

Honest_gamer2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

i cant see god of war multi-player being good :/ but if people like it then oh well, i know i wont be using it but its good to have for the people who do use it

yeh it looks good, i thought it was just 1 vs 1 however after looking at a video's on youtube, i was wrong it does look good online

Cosmit2264d ago

What you talking bout? It looks great!

GamerSciz2264d ago

I'm with Cosmit on this one. Graphically impressive, we've only seen one level for the most part and it integrates cool fighting skills and techniques as well as capturing areas and puzzles even. Sounds like some fun teamwork to me.

smashcrashbash2264d ago

Yeah premature negativity is always good. Thanks for that

telekineticmantis2264d ago

and you could enjoy GOW, you can enjoy this. People play, Space shooter, after military shooter after Space shooter, after military shooter. I dont know why the MP lanscap cant expand according to gamers. This is why gaming rarely evolves.
Look at this:

I don't know why people that enjoy god of war cant enjoy this.

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Qrphe2264d ago

I haven't seen such a unique MP since Starhawk!!!
Man do I love these types!!

NastyLeftHook02264d ago

I can imagine the modes they might have, one i can imagine would be something like...scavenger hunt, exept its a corpse, and you have to find it before your friend does at the same time battling enemys.