The Walking Dead: Episode 2 Continues Telltale Games' High Standards | gamrReview

gamrReview: "If the first 20 minutes of Starving for Help is any indication, Telltale Games is continuing the high standard set for themselves in the first episode. Players can enjoy the The Walking Dead: Episode 2 for PC, Mac, PS3 and X360 later this summer."

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Trenta272176d ago

While Walking Dead is wonderful, their high standards in their other games were crap.

cr33ping_death2176d ago

werent these supposed to be out every month? " later this summer" my @ss

StanSmith2176d ago

Later this summer? What the hell? I thought these were coming monthly up until september! Wished i never bothered buying them all upfront now.

supaman900s2176d ago

The writer clearly didn't play episode one as he would have known Clementine is not Lee's daughter lol

Drazz2176d ago

I hope later his summer is a mistake. I was sure it was coming out this month.